StudioLads: Brandon

Meet 18 year-old Brandon from I came across this website while trawling the net for pictures to illustrate the stories. It’s quite a small website at the moment and has what I would call Chavs or Scallylads as models. It looks like it specialises in everyday guys, uncut and untrimmed. I love a full bush on a guy. You will have to join the site to see their goods, but it does contain full-frontal, hard cocks and cumshots. No action pictures… yet. Hope you enjoy.

Tom James

Remember Tom James from the third episode of series four of Naked Attraction? Well, I do. He was the hunk that was sweet and had a cute vulnerability about him. Well, it seems he is not unaccustomed to getting naked before the camera. Looking at his PurplePort profile, he describes himself as “a full-time International, professional model based in Birmingham”. I especially like the last two pictures which really show off his gorgeous low hanging balls.

Jan Sokolowsky from Adam sucht Eva

I like to include the occasional picture of guys who have shown everything on television or film, and this guy really drew my attention. You all know I’m not a fan of tattoos, but there is something mesmerising about Jan and his covered body. His cock isn’t the biggest but that doesn’t matter, I’m sure it does what it needs to. I do find him strangely beautiful. This picture is a promo pic from his appearance on Adam sucht Eva, the German version of the reality show.

Jan has a great tagline on his Instagram account “If only our eyes saw souls instead of bodies, how very different our ideals of beauty would be.”


The Madness of George III

I watched The Madness of George III yesterday at the Nottingham Playhouse. It was a fantastic, with great performances from Mark Gatiss and Adrian Scarborough, the rest of the cast was equally exceptional. It was laugh out loud in place while deeply upsetting and moving in others. It is being transmitted live in some UK cinemas on 20th November. If you get the chance to watch it then I would recommend it.

Shadow Honor – Chapter 24 by Cynus

Fasha’s subterfuge is discovered and King Salidar lies fatally wounded. Prism, with the poison of the Vhor in his bloodstream, inches closer to death. The nanites he released could only delay the inevitable. The released demon wreaked havoc, with destruction following in its wake. In the penultimate chapter, we ponder, ‘what good was survival if there wasn’t a world worth living in?’