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Shadow Honor
Book 1 of The Trial. The future of the world rests in the unwilling hands of young thief and Shade native, Styx, who is thrust into the middle of a conflict which has perpetuated for centuries
Chapter-1     Chapter-2     Chapter-3     Chapter-4     Chapter-5     Chapter-6     Chapter-7     Chapter-8     Chapter-9     Chapter-10     Chapter-11     Chapter-12     Chapter-13     Chapter-14     Chapter-15     Chapter-16     Chapter-17     Chapter-18     Chapter-19     Chapter-20     Chapter-21     Chapter-22     Chapter-23     Chapter-24     Chapter-25


Clouded Purity
Book 2 of The Trial.
Chapter-1     Chapter-2     Chapter-3     Chapter-4     Chapter-5     Chapter-6      Chapter-7     Chapter-8     Chapter-9     Chapter-10     Chapter-11     Chapter-12     Chapter-13     Chapter-14     Chapter-15     Chapter-16     Chapter-17     Chapter-18     Chapter-19     Chapter-20     Chapter-21     Chapter-22


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