A Straight Story

I am currently writing the third instalment of the Cockaigne story staring the Dartos family and I have found myself writing a straight story.

When I created Cockaigne, it was a town featuring all types of people, gay, straight, people of colour, people from around the globe and people of all religions, or none. So when I introduced the Dartos family I had their sexualities fixed in my mind. The father, Doug was straight, his eldest son, Archie was straight and his youngest son, Leo would be gay. The first chapter involves Doug being humiliated by Officer Andy Noble, the second involves Leo (and will be published here soon) and I’m now on the third, staring the eldest son, Archie.

I’ve not written the all-important sex part of the story, but as I was writing it has veered towards straight sex. This is an area which I have had no experience. I hope it comes out alright and I hope, when I finally publish it here, you won’t all be put off. But rest assured there will be more cock and bum fun to come.