Stories by David Heulfryn
All stories and vignettes copyright David Heulfryn and reproduced with their kind permission


A Quiet Moon


Hands Clasped

From Within The Shadows

Beach Encounter

Park Life

Swings and Roundabouts


The Dew-Pond

A Ride Too Far

My Curious Boyfriend

Truths In Departure

Night Commute


Three Tears

YOI Cockton

Guy Fawkes’ Night Fireworks

A Living Morgue

Eternal Enquiry

The Audit

Beyond The Body


Away From The Slipstream

A Worthless Existence

Steel to Skin

Rag Week

Leaving The Scene

Transcending Friendship

Restrained Surprise

A Bitter Pole


YOI Cock Town

The Taste Of My Tears


This Life Of Brian

A Bit of Slap and Tickle

Downing Tools

Beach Babies

Good Morning, Lover

Swimmer’s Tease

A Fucking Pro

A Full Growth


Rival’s Revenge


The Ginger and the Geek


When I Was …

Get The Feeling

How A Bottom Gets To The Top

Not All Presents Are Planned

… Tease

The Chronicles of the Walker Family

The Chronicles of the Dartos Family

A Black Cappuccino and a Hot Punani

Conversations With My Brother

The Chronicles of the Fletcher Family


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