Speed of Life: He’ll Be Leaving Soon by William Richard Large

The Large family travel to Tom’s university of choice to make sure he it’s definatly the place he want to study when he leaves college. The Large boys stay in a hotel room overnight, but Rob, the youngest deserts them to sleep in their parents room when the boys’ play fighting gets too boistrous. Tom and Will are left alone and their brotherly relationship goes to the next level.

Speed of Life: Taking James for a Ride by William Richard Large

James ridicules Will for wearing cycle shorts and how they reveal his enticing bulge. But James isn’t as fit as they both thought and he suffers at the end of their bike ride. Fortunately, Will is on hand to provide some rejuvenating treatment which leaves James stress-free, relaxed and fast asleep. Unfortunately, his mother comes home and discovers his relaxed state and is mortified when his father gives him a talk… on masturbation.

Speed of Life: Sometimes Plans Change by William Richard Large

Tom wants the house for himself when their parents are away from the weekend. Will had planned to stay over at James’ house for the night. He was really looking forward to it, but unfortunately, things had changed so he couldn’t stay over. Will goes back home and finds Tom with his mate, and a girl.

Speed of Life: James to the Rescue by William Richard Large

Will gets into trouble for not paying attention in class. Mr Bale intends to give him a flash test in twenty-four hours. James is the only person willing to help him. That evening they meet in James’ bedroom to revise and for Will to catch up on what he missed. Will finds out how James felt about being part of that weird science lesson.

Speed of Life: My Intrigued Brother by William Richard Large

Will experiences some unusual nocturnal emissions. It seems that his younger brother is taking an interest in the size of Will’s cock and how hard it can get. Each encounter leads to him cumming in his sleep. One morning after one such encounter, Will has an accident in the shower, and his older brother comes to help.

Speed of Life: Weird Science by William Richard Large

William wakes up in a familiar yet strange world. His family has changed, and so has his school lessons. Will has to stand in front of his classmates, naked, as part of the new sexual education lessons. James joins him as a helper as the class watch some interesting scenes. All in the interest of education, of course.