Struggling to Sleep

Well, it seems that Max and Min are controlling my life. I am writing about the boys’ life in Cockaigne, and the story keeps rolling around my head.

I woke up at 5:30 this morning with Max and Min. I couldn’t put their story aside, so I had to get up and start writing. I’m at a particularly moving part of the story. Max is having some difficulties at school, and I needed to continue to write about it to help him get through it. As you can guess, Finn has no problem adjusting to life in Cockaigne, but Max is more reserved and is struggling. Perhaps it’s time for Max to stick up for himself.

There is some fun and some pain to come for the brothers. I can’t wait for you to read about their continuing adventures and reading your comments. Cockaigne is a place where anything can happen, and you can be free to be who you want. I love it.

When I started writing queer stories, it was about sex. I wanted to write erotica. I still do. But as I have grown older, I want to write about what it’s like to be queer and the pleasures and adversity that come with it. Max feels that adversity, and I feel his pain as much as I feel Finn’s pleasure when I write about his life.

Tomorrow will see a new chapter of “Conversations with my Brother” as the boys return from Cockaigne.

James In Cockaigne by David Heulfryn

Finn’s scheming means Owen takes James and the brothers on a weekend trip to Cockaigne. In preparation for the move, James is taken to get his visitor’s permit. Max and Finn help him through the process and, afterwards, spend the day exploring the town. That night, Max and James are alone in the room at the B&B.

Get Kes for Free from Amazon

Starting tomorrow and for the next 5 days, you can get “Becoming Kes” and “Discovering Kes” free for your Kindle. All the promotion timings are Pacific Time, so if it isn’t free yet in your region, please be patient; it will be shortly.

I love writing about Cockaigne. It is a world I created and a world where most things are possible. I hope you enjoy reading the continuing adventures of Kes in Cockaigne, and if you haven’t read the start of his adventures, the first book is also free.

If anyone can’t buy through Amazon, then below are links to get your copy. All for free!

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Becoming Kes

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Book 2
Discovering Kes

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Discovering Kes – Coming Soon

The novel continues the story of Kes as he makes a life for himself in Cockaigne. His guide is Philip who he met while part of the study at Cockaigne Pharma. Their relationship blossoms, Kes gets a job, finds a place to live and makes new friends. But not everyone is happy. His move to Cockaigne causes a rift in the family.

It’s taken longer than expected, but that was because I was side tracked by the beautiful relationship of Max and Min. The novel was already written but needed editing before I was comfortable publishing. And now it is ready. Depending on Amazon’s software, it should be ready by the weekend. I hope you enjoy it and I can now carry on the story of Max and Min in Cockaigne and then, the final novel in the Kes trilogy.

The Conversation Continues

The family has returned from visiting Cockaigne, but this isn’t the end. We will shortly move on to the third part of the series, narrated by Max.

This will be the series’s final part and concentrate on the relationship between Max and James. There will be a few surprises for the lovers and more intimacy between the brothers.

I will start posting early next week. There are some chapters that I’m particularly proud of, and I hope you enjoy the final part of the series.

Naked Education S01E02

There have been over a thousand complaints about the programme. Well, there were bound to be some. One person was concerned about four adult men showing their naked bodies to a group of schoolchildren. They said they do not need to see naked strangers to learn about the body. I somehow think they haven’t understood the point of the programme.

Growing up, I learnt about the body and sex from diagrams. At no point did we ever learn that the male body comes in all shapes and sizes. In a conversation with the kids, they thought the male body was perfect pecs, abs and muscles.

Looking at muscular bodies on social media often bears no resemblance to what they look like in the mirror, and there is growing pressure on boys to look like this ideal image of a man. More boys are growing up with body dysmorphia, leading to severe mental health issues.

There was also a part of the programme where Luke, a nine-year-old quad-amputee, who lost his limbs to meningitis, talks about losing his limbs and what helps him keep going. He talks to an adult quad-amputee who doesn’t let it stop doing anything. Listening to him speak, he sounds so inspiring.