Naked Justice in Cockaigne

Another new resident has just moved to Cockaigne. Author, Naked Justice, joins us with his story of Derek, a young teen who has to move in with his brother, Daniel

Naked Justice introduces some interesting people to Cockaigne. Daniel and his partner, Ian, are nudists and exhibitionists who run the local gym. In keeping with their nudist lifestyle, all users of the gym must be naked, and male.

Another interesting twist, he introduces the ‘School Uniform Exception Programme’. Those students enrolled in the programme have to go to school naked for the rest of the school year, naked students must also allow other students to fondle their genitals.

I think we should say a big thank you to Naked Justice for creating an all male, all naked gym. I think this will prove popular with the residents and something other residents could use.

For those of a different persuasion, I’m sure there is a companion all female, all naked gym, it just needs to be written.