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Painful Lessons
Tory Phillips has had many challenges growing up and taking up boxing helped him cope


On Your Marks
Tommy had his legs amputated but it didn’t stop him becoming a succesful swimmer


The Hut
Simon Walsh lives and works with his father in a small hut by the sea
Chapter-1      Chapter-2      Chapter-3      Chapter-4      Chapter-5      Chapter-6      Chapter-7      Chapter-8      Chapter-9      Chapter-10      Chapter-11      Chapter-12      Chapter-13      Chapter-14      Chapter-15      Chapter-16      Chapter-17      Chapter-18      Chapter-19      Chapter-20      Chapter-21      Chapter-22      Chapter-23      Chapter-24


Robin Hood And Some Very Merry Men
An alternate history of the story of Robin Hood and his merry men.


Tommy 1923
During the Second World War his family is killed and Tommy decides to join up
Chapter-1      Chapter-2      Chapter-3      Chapter-4      Chapter-5      Chapter-6      Chapter-7      Chapter-8      Chapter-9      Chapter-10      Chapter-11


The Interview
Private Hunter Huntingdon-Smith is interviewed for a mission in war torn France
Chapter-1      Chapter-2      Chapter-3      Chapter-4      Chapter-5      Chapter-6      Chapter-7      Chapter-8      Chapter-9


Matt & Me
Simon is asked to confirm that Matt is gay, a simple task leads to a great relationship
Chapter-1      Chapter-2      Chapter-3      Chapter-4      Chapter-5      Chapter-6


Ups and Downs of a Masseur
Paul discovers his talent for massage, but a chance encounter takes it to the next level
Chapter-1      Chapter-2      Chapter-3      Chapter-4      Chapter-5      Chapter-6      Chapter-7     Chapter-8


Albert Dowling
Albert Dowling is a stable boy who catches Lord Penton’s eye
Chapter-1      Chapter-2      Chapter-3     Chapter-4     Chapter-5     Chapter-6     Chapter-7     Chapter-8     Chapter-9     Chapter-10     Chapter-11     Chapter-12     Chapter-13     Chapter-14     Chapter-15     Chapter-16     Chapter-17     Chapter-18     Chapter-19     Chapter-20     Chapter-21     Chapter-22     Chapter-23     Chapter-24     Chapter-25     Chapter-26     Chapter-27     Chapter-28     Chapter-29     Chapter-30


M/V Lady Jean Peterson
Chapter-1     Chapter-2     Chapter-3     Chapter-4



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