A Welcome Return
by David Heulfryn


Finn was glad to get out of his suit when they got home from the courthouse. Neil had come with them; he was still supposed to be helping out Max, although Max admitted his ribs were feeling much better.

“I still think you could go back to school for the afternoon,” Lily said as Finn pulled down his white briefs and stood naked in the hallway.

“It’s not worth it, Mum.” He complained, “If we go back after lunch, we’ll only be there for a few hours.”

“I suppose so.” Lily agreed reluctantly.

“Give them a break, Honey.” Owen said, “It’s been a tough morning for all of them.” Owen gave Lily a peck on the cheek, “But I must get back to work, earn the money to keep you lot in the luxury you’re accustomed to.”

Finn laughed, “Thanks, Dad. Does that mean I can have a new bike?”

“You don’t use the one you’ve got. Clean it up and use it first before telling me you need a new one.”

As Finn pretended to pout, Max took Neil upstairs. Finn wanted to join them but thought he’d give them some space. He went into the kitchen, yelling goodbye to his father as he stuck his head in the fridge, looking for something to eat.

The front door closed, and Lily entered the kitchen, “Get your head out of there. I’ll make you lunch.”

“Can we have burger and chips?” Finn smiled at his mother. She knew that smile and was now immune to it.

“No! That’s tomorrow’s tea. I’ll make you a sandwich.”

“Boring!” Finn huffed. “I’ll let Max and Neil know lunch will be ready in a few minutes.”

“You expect me to keep feeding that boy!” Lily scowled.

“You have to. We can’t leave him to starve. It’s not fair. If you don’t, I’ll share mine with him, and I’m sure Max will share his, too.”

“You boys are too forgiving.” Lily sighed, “Go tell them to come down for a sandwich.”

Finn bound upstairs, pleased to have a valid reason for disturbing them. He found Max and Neil sitting opposite each other on the beds. Neil was looking at the floor. Max looked over at Finn as he entered.

“Mum’s making lunch. She says to come down.” Finn said softly and watched Max nod.

“Is he alright?” Finn whispered.

Max nodded, “We’ll be right down.”

It was getting close to half past five. Owen would be home soon, but Finn said he was going to the leisure centre. It was the swim club, and he wanted to get back to teaching his small group of kids.

“Are you sure, Finn?” Max asked. “It’s been a strange day. Are you sure you don’t want to wait until next week?”

“I’m fine. I want to go. I’ve been looking forward to going back all the time I was locked up at Pharma.”

Max smiled at his brother, “Good luck. I hope they haven’t forgotten what you’ve taught them.”

“Don’t worry, now Coach Finn is back; I’ll quickly get them back in shape.”

Finn decided to walk naked; he only wore a pair of trainers to protect his feet. The anticipation of seeing his swim group again made him forget the slight chill in the air.

Coach Anderson hadn’t told the group that Finn was back. He watched the youngsters splashing in the water, waiting for Coach Peters to turn up. They didn’t like Coach Peters; he was old and gruff, and everything he said sounded like he was angry with them. He wasn’t. It was just his natural demeanour. He unintentionally made the kids feel uncomfortable being naked because he always wore shorts. After one session, they all started wearing swimsuits again. Each week, they would ask Coach Anderson when Coach Finn was coming back, but he didn’t know. A couple of young girls had stopped coming. Coach Anderson hoped they would return once word got around that Finn was back.

Coach Anderson left the pool and waited outside for Finn to arrive.

He smiled when he saw the small naked figure approach. “I can’t wait to see their faces when you come through that door.” Coach said to Finn.

“I can’t wait to see then, Coach.” Finn beamed back as they walked into the changing room together.

Finn didn’t need to change, but he did need to shower before entering the pool. Coach left Finn to shower. Before returning to the pool, he looked back at his young assistant soaping up his body. He felt proud of the young man. He was dedicated and had a good relationship with his class.


Coach Anderson shouted that it was time to start. He yelled at his class to dive in and swim four laps. He turned to the small group of youngsters and told them their Coach would be in shortly. He kept looking at the group between glances at his class to ensure no one was drowning. All the kids looked gloomy, thinking Coach Peters would teach them again.

The changing room door opened, and Finn, wet and naked, walked in.

The young kids screamed, their high-pitched shrieks echoing around the pool and defeating Coach Anderson. The swimmers heard the noise, slowed, and poked their heads above water to see what the commotion was about.

The kids got out of the water and ran to Finn. This would be the only time Coach wouldn’t shout at them, telling them not to run at the pool.

They surrounded Finn, hugging him and squeezing him tight. Their reaction took Finn aback. After a while, he gently pushed them away so he could breathe.

“I’m so glad to see you guys again. But I see a few are missing.” He frowned.

A young boy explained that Coach Peters was putting people off. “But now you’re back, I’m going to tell them and make them come back.”

“It’s up to them, Eric,” Finn said.

“I know they’ll want to come back. And we can swim naked again.” The boy slipped off his trunks and threw them aside. The rest of the kids did the same. Everyone was now naked. “I’ve got my first pube, Coach Finn. Look.” Eric thrust his hips forward and showed Finn his solitary fair pube above his little cock.

“You’re turning into a young man, Eric.” Finn tousled his mousy hair. “Now, let’s get in the pool.”

The screams erupted again, and the kids bombed into the water.

Finn encouraged the kids to settle so he could start the lesson. It felt good to be back in the water teaching the youngsters. He began with a game, then focused on breathing technique and finished with another game.

Coach Anderson blasted his whistle, indicating the lesson was over. Almost immediately, the dive team entered wearing their skimpy speedos. But Finn noticed Eddie already sitting on the bench. He walked over to him as his class got out of the pool. “Hi, Eddie. I’m glad you came.” Finn looked at Eddie’s naked body, “all ready to continue your lessons.”

“I’ve not been practising.” Eddie looked embarrassed.

“That doesn’t matter. We can start where we left off.”

“You’re the best, Coach Finn!” Eric disturbed them, “Please don’t leave us again.” He then whispered, “We all hated Coach Peters. He was horrible to us. You make the lessons fun.” Eric beamed at Finn.

“You’re all so much better and more confident in the water. I’m proud of all of you all. See you all next week.”

Finn was deafened by a chorus of “Bye Coach!” and “See you next week!” from his class.

Eric, the young boy with the pube, hugged Finn and left. Finn smiled at him as he walked away.

“I think he idolises you.” Eddie grinned. “I think they all do.”

Finn blushed and led Eddie to the pool.

Finn felt like all those weeks isolated in Cockaigne Pharma had never happened. He had slipped back into his life with ease and was proud to be able to help his little swim team as well as Eddie. He loved being back in the water.


Finn was tired when he got home, and after saying goodnight to his parents, he went to his room.

As he opened the door, he heard Max shush him. Finn was confused, but as he opened the door wide, he saw Neil lying in his bed. He looked asleep.

“He’s exhausted after today. I told him to sleep in your bed. I said you wouldn’t mind.”

Finn huffed and went to the bathroom to clean his teeth. As he rinsed his mouth, he looked down at his limp cock. Finn sighed, realising that he hadn’t wanked three times today. He grabbed his cock and started to stroke the soft pipe. He didn’t feel like wanking; it was becoming a chore. But he wanked and pointed his cock into the sink as he came and rinsed his cum down the plughole.

Neil was still asleep when he returned to the bedroom. Max flipped the duvet over, revealing his naked body and making room for his brother.

“What’s he doing here?” Finn whispered as he slipped into bed with Max.

“Today took a lot out of him. The stress of waiting for the sentence, and now he has the worry of waiting for Saturday. I told him we wouldn’t watch.”

“I don’t want to see it. I think it’s barbaric. Why can’t they just give him community service?” Finn wondered.

“It’s the Cockaigne way. I’ve told him I still have some of that cream I used when I was birched.”

“You two seem to be becoming friends,” Finn commented.

“I don’t know about that. I’m beginning to understand him. It’s been very difficult for him.”

“We all go through shit, Max. We don’t all bully and beat up other people.” Finn tried to keep his voice calm.

“I know, Min.” Max squeezed against his brother, adjusting his cock to sit in its familiar resting place between Finn’s buttocks. “But if we can help him deal with his dæmons, we can help him deal with his anger.”

“What’s wrong with him then?” Finn asked.

“From what we’ve talked about, it all stems from his mother. She had such expectations of him, and when he didn’t live up to them, she gave up on him and only cared about her reputation in the town and would do anything to stop him from damaging her reputation.” Max paused a moment. “His father is also an issue.”

“Did he beat him?” Finn asked.

“Nothing like that. He’s just not in his life anymore. Whenever I ask about him, he seems to get upset. He’s not seen him for years.”

“Does he want to see him?”

“Yes, but he’s scared,” Max said. “He’s scared he won’t be the man he thought he was, afraid he won’t feel anything, afraid he will just be another stranger.”

“That must be awful.”

“I know. It’s no wonder he has some issues.” Max said.

“So, does he think that being birched and degraded in front of the town will make everything alright?!”

“No. We talked about that tonight. He thinks this punishment is something he deserves for everything he has done and got away with in the past. It’s not about what he did to me.”

“What does he expect to happen afterwards?” Finn asked.

“He wants to see his dad. And I’ve said I’ll help. He wants to take control of his life, be responsible for himself, and not blame everyone else for his problems.”

“Does he know where he lives?”

“No. He thinks his mother must know. She still receives money from him to look after Neil. He plans to get hold of her phone or address book to see if she has his phone number. But if his mother finds out, she will explode at him.”

They hear some grunts from Finn’s bed. Neil started to gasp.

Max and Finn lay still, looking into the darkness between the beds. Neil settled again.

“I think he’s dreaming,” Max said.

“Sounds like he’s dreaming about Saturday.”

“I wish it didn’t have to happen.”

“So do I. Good night, Max.”

“Goodnight, Min.”


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