Lost in School by David Heulfryn

When Max gets to school, he discovers that Neil is bored with babysitting him and leaves him alone to fend for himself. But Max is still unsure where all his classes are and soon finds himself lost and alone. The headmaster, Mr Price, finds him in the corridors when he should be in class. Unfortunately, this leads to Max facing his first punishment. An unjust punishment.

Looking After Finn by David Heulfryn

Finn comes home on a high from swim club. He’s proud of how he taught the youngsters and how Coach Anderson wants him to get qualified as a swim teacher. But when in bed and talking to Max, Finn admits that Eddie has been on his mind. Max tells him what he knows of love and how it can surprise you who you fall in love with. Also, despite ejaculating before he went to sleep, Finn has another wet dream, and it is up to Max to clean up after him.

After School by David Heulfryn

Finn and Adam stay together after school for further tuition. Finn strips off and encourages Adam to do the same, but he is reluctant; Adam isn’t a nudist. He talks about Cockaigne, the punishments and how his father and step-brother were punished.

Later, in bed, Max and Finn talk about their first day at school. Finn tells how he asked Adam to be his boyfriend the first time he asked another boy out.