A Fatherly Talk by David Heulfryn

Finn wakes up at night to the sounds of his parents having sex. The following night the brothers’ father comes into their room to talk to his boys. Their mother is still concerned that the teenagers sometimes share a bed when naked. Although the brother’s love is platonic, they realise it could be misinterpreted. Their Dad also takes the opportunity to talk to his boys about gay sex. It’s nice to see their Dad opening up.

Tantrums and Hormones by David Heulfryn

In search of himself, Finn decides to take a break from his gymnastics club. It goes well when he tells his coach, but it is different when he tries to explain to his Mum. Finn gets emotional and throws a tantrum, behaving like a little kid. Later that night, when talking to Max before falling asleep, Finn says he needs to apologise to their mother. His hormones are beginning to take over.

Insecurities by David Heulfryn

Finn has given up his swimming club and finds that he has more time on his hands. But his best friend isn’t free. Finn realises that his life revolves around his sports clubs and school, and now he has time to think. He doesn’t know what he wants. While he works it all out, Finn decides to be a better friend to Rick. As Max and Finn lie in bed, they talk, and Max helps put things into perspective.