The Path To Punishment by David Heulfryn

The day has arrived for Neil to meet the magistrate. Naturally, he is nervous and is still adamant that Max will not speak up for him and try to reduce his punishment.

The judge is surprised when Max refuses to give a victim impact statement before Neil’s punishment is announced. Max asks that he say something afterwards.

A New Perspective by David Heulfryn

Neil turns up at the Fletcher’s house early in the morning. It is part of his provisional punishment, but Owen isn’t pleased with being woken so early.

Max talks to Neil, who opens up about his life and family. Neil seems to change as the boys talk, and Max begins to understand the boy who has made his life hell since he started school.

Adam Comes Clean by David Heulfryn

Owen is unhappy being awoken by James knocking on the door. But Max is happy to see his boyfriend, and they are soon in bed together.

Another unexpected guest arrives, Adam. He wants to see Finn and tell him about his family, his step-brother in particular. Adam wants Finn to know about him and his step-brother before he answers the question Finn asked him when they first met.

Going Home by David Heulfryn

Dr Chapman knows what is causing Finn to have frequent nocturnal emissions and why he is producing such large quantities of semen when he ejaculates. He informs the family and releases Finn. But Finn will still need regular checkups.

The brothers are pleased to be home together. They spend some time together in their room, and come bedtime; they sleep together for the first time in a month.

Life Is Not Straight

We would all like an easy straight road to get where we want to go, but life is seldom like that. For the past few months I’ve been winding my way through the crap life throws at you. On top of that, the Black Dog paid me a visit.

I’m feeling better now, but I’m still navigating my way through many responsibilities that are keeping me very busy. So I had to let a few things slip, unfortunately, Screeve was one of them. I am hoping to get back on track soon and later I will be posting another chapter of the Fletcher family in Cockaigne. I haven’t stopped thinking about them.