Note: This story contains scenes of physical punishments. The punishments include birching and sexual penetration. If these scenes cause offence or are liable to trigger painful memories, please do not read any further. Please note that this story is pure fiction and not derived from actual events.


The Punishment of Neil Wilson
by David Heulfryn


Neil walked across the green, flanked by his friends, Stuart and Kevin. Neil was naked, and his friends were dressed casually in sweatpants and a t-shirt. Neil walked proudly, unashamed of his nakedness and showing no fear of what awaited him. Beside him, Stuart was muttering, proclaiming that it shouldn’t be happening and that it wasn’t Neil’s fault.

“Shut the fuck up!” Neil stopped and glared at his friend. “I beat the shit out of Max, and I was stupid enough to do off school grounds.”

“But Max was…” Stuart started to protest.

“But nothing! I’ve told both of you before. I deserve this, and if either of you take it out on Max, what happens to me today on that punishment stage will be nothing compared with what I’ll do to you two.” Neil sneered at his friends. “Do you understand?”

Stuart and Kevin grumbled their ascent, and Neil started walking again. His friends walked a few paces behind; the gap between them increased the closer they got to the punishment stage.

Neil walked around the back of the stage, leaving Stuart and Kevin at the front. They would be on the front row, watching, if they could stomach it. Around the back, Neil saw the magistrate who sentenced him, The Punisher and another person whom Neil didn’t know; both men were naked and wore a leather hood covering their faces. Neil recognised the familiar shape of The Punisher but had no idea who the younger man was or why he was dressed the same way.

“Good morning, Neil. I’m here to ensure the punishment is delivered as per my ruling.” Chief Judge Randall Cowper said.

“And I’m here to oversee it.” The naked, pot-bellied Punisher snarled at the boy.

Neil looked at the man; he was short and naked except for a leather hood protecting his identity. His belly looked firm and round; it didn’t wobble with his movement. Neil looked at his tiny cock and balls. The Punisher’s cock was soft and looked small because it was buried in a thick pod of fat under his wild and untamed pubes. His cock looked perky and pointed at Neil, the end of his foreskin formed a perfect circle of wrinkled skin.

“My apprentice will be carrying out the sentence.” The Punisher gestured to the younger man beside him. Neil looked at the man. He seemed in his mid-twenties and had a slim, taut body covered in neatly trimmed body hair. The apprentice was the opposite of the master. The apprentice was fit and had a long uncut cock that swayed with his loose, low-hanging balls. “If he is lenient on you, I will step in.” The Punisher’s snarling voice made Neil shake.

“Or if he is being too harsh.” The magistrate interrupted. “It was decided that we needed more than one person trained to deliver punishments, so we employed this young man.” Judge Cowper gestured to the apprentice.

“Don’t worry, Neil. I have been fully instructed in what is allowed and what isn’t. Naturally, now you are sixteen, the spectrum of corrections has increased.”

“What do you plan to do with me?” Neil asked nervously.

Judge Cowper laughed, “We can’t tell you that. It would ruin the surprise and allow you to prepare. Besides, sometimes The Punisher doesn’t know everything he wants to do with you until he is in front of the crowd.” The Judge smiled at Neil, “But I won’t be telling any secrets to say that your cute round arse will feel the birch.”

Neil reached back and felt his smooth arse cheeks.

“I think it’s time to start preparing him.” The apprentice said, “I can hear the crowd gathering.” The apprentice went over to a table that contained all conceivable possible punishment devices. He picked out some leather wrist and ankle bands with metal hooks attached to restrain the wearer. Neil took deep breaths to calm himself as they were attached. He didn’t want to show any fear.

When the apprentice returned from the table again, he knelt in front of Neil. He stuffed Neil’s testicles through a plastic ring. Neil winced as he was manhandled a little too rough. Then the apprentice grabbed Neil’s soft cock and forced it through the ring. He gripped the base of Neil’s cock and balls and pushed the ring firmly against his body. He pressed a tiny button on the ring, and Neil felt it tighten even more. It squeezed the base of his cock and balls, and Neil could feel his cock involuntarily fill with blood. His cock grew hard, his foreskin retracting, and his exposed bell-end became inflamed and colour a deep maroon.

The apprentice pressed the button again, and the ring loosened. “That works well.” He seemed pleased with the result as he watched Neil’s hard cock soften and droop. The apprentice grabbed a piece of chamois leather and tied it around Neil’s waist as a loincloth.

“He’s supposed to be naked for his punishment.” The Punisher growled.

“I know he will be. I want his sweet cock to be revealed on stage. Whip the crowd up until he is exposed to cheers as they see his sweet cock.”

“Okay, try it your way.” The Punisher was dismissive of the idea.

“I want to try new things. Break the stale routine, keep the crowd guessing.”

“I’ve been doing this fucking job for twenty years since you were in nappies. The crowd haven’t complained so far.” The Punisher was angry at his methods being criticised.

“Now, now, Sir.” Judge Cowper said, “A new person is bound to bring new ideas. If they don’t work, or the crowd is displeased, I will ensure they aren’t tried again.” He looked at The Punisher, “Happy?”

“Yes, Your Honour.”

The apprentice gripped Neil’s arm and led him onto the punishment stage. There was a reasonable crowd, but the punishment wasn’t due to start for another ten minutes. When they noticed Neil was wearing a loincloth, they jeered and booed. Neil was attached to the punishment frame, his arms spread above his head and his feet wide. He was trussed up to form an X-shape, and the frame was gently swivelled to show Neil to the crowd from all angles. It didn’t take long before Neil became dizzy.

In the distance, people heard the crowd and saw Neil paraded on stage. They ran to join the other, not wanting to miss anything.

The apprentice left Neil alone, turning like a kebab at a cheap and greasy chip shop. He went to the hollow cylinder containing the canes and birches he could use. He selected some and tried them out by swiping them through the air. He settled on a long birch. It looked old. It was the first ever birch used to punish the first ever miscreant in the newly created Cockaigne. He thought it was fitting as Neil’s descendants bequeathed the land to create the new town.

“Be careful with that.” Judge Cowper warned. “That was the first birch used. We should really retire it to prevent it from getting damaged. Put in the museum, perhaps. But it does seem rather fitting today.” The Judge mused.

In the background, they heard the church clock chime twelve.

It was time.

Neil shivered, not from the cold but from the release of the anticipation. He knew it was about to start.

The crowd cheered when the apprentice walked on stage. Several wolf-whistles could be heard from a few men and women who appreciated looking at a more pleasant sight, the hard body and long cock of the apprentice, rather than the pot-bellied ageing man whose cock was partially hidden by his fat.

The apprentice was proud of his hard body. He worked hard to tone his muscles and trimmed his body hair to show it off better. He stood in front of the crowd and tucked the birch under his cock and balls, and lifted them.

“Fuck him with your fat cock.” A woman’s voice shouted.

“Strip the fucker.” A man sounded annoyed that Neil was still wearing the loincloth. “Let’s see the fucker’s tiny, shrivelled cock.”

The apprentice stopped the frame from turning as Neil faced the crowd. They cheered. The man stood behind Neil and pushed the birch between his legs until it protruded from the other side. It pushed the front flap of the loincloth upwards and briefly revealed the boy’s cock. The crowd cheered as they saw the pale tube of flesh and groaned as it was concealed again.

The apprentice carried on the charade of revealing Neil’s cock and then covering it several times until the crowd were in a frenzy every time they saw it.

He removed the birch and swivelled the boy so his back faced the crowd. He untied the loincloth and held it aloft as the crowd cheered. He threw it indiscriminately into the crowd for one lucky person to grab the piece of memorabilia.

The man rubbed the cane between Neil’s buttocks. He then removed the cane and spat onto the palm of his hand. He rubbed his spit onto the tip of the cane and pushed it between Neil’s buttocks.

Neil yelped at the unexpected intrusion of the birch into his anus. The man pushed it deeper, making Neil squirm and scream for him to take it out.

“Say one more word, and I’ll fetch the ball gag.” The man hissed in Neil’s ear.

The birch was removed, but Neil’s arse was delivered the first of his twenty prescribed lashes. Neil yelped, and a line of deep red emerged across his backside.

The man reached around Neil and pressed the button on his cock ring. Neil felt it squeeze the base of his cock and felt ashamed as his cock swelled.

“Look, I think he enjoyed it.” The man spun him around to face the crowd. They laughed when they saw his hard cock. The man stroked Neil’s cock, making him groan. “Shall I give him another one?” The man shouted and heard a chorus of demands to flog the boy.

The apprentice gave Neil another brutal swipe with the cane. It made his body shake, his cock waving in the air, and the angry head dribbled a little precum.

It wasn’t the birching that caused Neil’s cock to leak; it was the tightness of the cockring and his engorged cock.

The apprentice wanked Neil’s cock a few more times and wiped his leaking pre-cum onto his hand.

“I want a volunteer!” Her shouted. A forest of raised hands appeared, but he chose a cowering teenager on the front row. “You!” He pointed to Kevin, who shook his head. “You!” He shouted menacingly.

Kevin slowly climbed the wooden steps and joined the apprentice Punisher on the stage. He raised his hand to the teen, who reluctantly licked Neil’s precum from the proffered hand.

“How does it taste?” The apprentice asked Kevin, who gagged at the taste. “I knew you’d love it.”

Kevin turned to leave the stage, but the man stopped him. “I’ve not finished with my volunteer.”

Kevin turned to see the man staring at him.

“Take off your clothes!”

Kevin was embarrassed but knew better than to disobey The Punisher or The Punisher’s Apprentice. He slowly stripped naked and stood with his hands covering his cock and balls.

“I’m glad your hands are down there. I want you to make yourself good and hard while I give this miscreant another lash. And if you can’t get hard, I’ll make him suck you off until you are hard.”

The last thing Kevin wanted was for Neil to give him a blow job, so he frantically wanked his cock. He was disturbed by Neil’s scream as his bare arse received another lash.

Kevin didn’t like being naked; he avoided it whenever he could. Now, he was naked and hard in front of a baying crowd. The man shouted for him to stop covering up and dragged him over to Neil.

“What do you think of that arse?” The man asked.

“It looks sore,” Kevin mumbled.

“It looks sore!” The man shouted to the crowd. He turned to Kevin, “And you’re going to make it even worse.”

Kevin looked confused as the apprentice turned Neil so he was side-on to the crowd. He loosened the chains, holding his arms high, and Neil bent over, relieved to get some relief from the strain put on his arms.

“Now fuck him!” The apprentice demanded.

Off-stage, the pot-bellied Punisher shouted for his apprentice to stop. He was going too far. But Judge Cowper placed his hand on The Punisher’s bare shoulder.

“It’s okay. He has read the file; he didn’t choose that young man by accident, and we do allow penetration for adults during punishment.”

“But that boy is only sixteen.” The Punisher pleaded.

“He was tried as an adult; he was sentenced as an adult. He will be punished as an adult.” Judge Cowper reasoned. “If your apprentice looks like he is going too far, I will indicate for you to intervene.”

The Punisher huffed, but the sound was obscured by Neil screaming.

“No!” Neil screamed as Kevin pushed his cock into Neil’s arse. The apprentice pushed Kevin’s hips tight against Neil’s arse. He was deep inside his friend.

“Nice and tight. Isn’t it?” The man said to Kevin. “I bet he’s so fucking tight.”

“It feels fucking great.” Kevin was ashamed to admit it.

“Then go fuck him.”

Kevin’s mind was on his cock. All he cared about was the tight grip Neil’s arse had around it. He slowly pulled back and rammed it back. Kevin let out a guttural groan. This felt so much better than wanking. He thrust deep inside his friend’s arse and held onto his hips to keep him still.

Between Neil’s legs, his cock and balls swung, his dick spitting precum in all directions. The cock ring he was wearing kept his dick hard and aroused. The fucking made Neil’s ball ache, or it may have been the cock ring. He felt an urge to cum, but he screwed up his eyes and pushed down on the invading cock. He refused to let his body cum.

The apprentice approached the audience. “I need another volunteer.” This time, he picked on Stuart. He didn’t have his hand up. He tried to leave, to avoid whatever the man had in store for him, but the crowd pushed him back and forced him to the steps of the stage. They virtually thrust him up the steps as the man grabbed his arm, causing Stuart to stumble.

“Now strip and get hard.” He demanded.

The man went back over to Kevin, who was grunting as his orgasm approached.

“Cum inside him. Cum inside your mate.” The man demanded.

Kevin was now frantically fucking Neil. He screamed as his cock exploded in Neil’s guts. The apprentice pushed Kevin’s arse against Neil so his cock remained inside his friend.

“You! Over here! Get ready to fuck him.” The man pointed at Stuart.

He allowed Kevin to pull out. Neil’s hole was wide open. He slinked over to his clothes and dressed. The man gave Neil another brutal lash on his arse, his fourth. The man spread Neil’s cheeks and noticed his hole was closing. He gave his sweet arse another lash. His hole was now closed again.

He pulled Stuart over and instructed him to Fuck Neil. He had to force his cock inside, but then he found it easier as Neil had been pre-lubed with Kevin’s cum. He didn’t think about that. If he did, he might have recoiled at the thought of another guy’s cum smearing his cock. But like Kevin, he fucked Neil. He fucked him hard, enjoying how tight he was.

The man asked for more volunteers and selected five young men. They rushed onto the stage and stripped naked without being asked. They watched Stuart fucking his friend and slowly stroked their cocks to wake them. All of them wanted to be next.

The apprentice smiled at the men and sized up their cocks. All the men were thick, much thicker than the young teenagers.

Stuart began grunting and got the attention of the apprentice punisher. “Cum deep inside him.” He instructed.

Stuart was panting. He was getting tired, but with a couple more deep thrusts, Neil’s tight arse took him over the edge, and he shot inside him.

As Stuart pulled out his cock, the apprentice lashed Neil’s arse, barely missing Stuart’scock.

He looked at Neil’s hole and pushed in a finger. He swirled it around, coating it with Stuart and Kevin’s cum. He pulled out his finger and lashed Neil’s well-fucked arse. It was his seventh lash.

Stuart was pushed aside by one of the new volunteers. He lined up his cock, ready to Fuck Neil.

“Don’t you dare! Just wait!” The apprentice instructed.

The man stood behind Neil, stroking his cock, keeping it hard and ready for when he would be allowed to fuck the young man.

The apprentice went to Neil’s face and stuck his cummy finger under his nose. “Give it a suck and clean it off.”

Neil reluctantly opened wide and let the man insert his finger. He closed his eyes as he sucked the mixture of cum and arse juice. The apprentice reached beneath Neil and felt his hard cock. He stroked a few times, but Neil was determined not to cum. The apprentice pressed the button on the cock ring. Neil groaned with the release of pressure around his cock. It could finally deflate.

The man went to the volunteer waiting to fuck Neil. He grabbed his thick cock and stroked. “Too big for that tiny hole.” The apprentice disappointed the volunteer. “But you can cum all over his back.” He waved the other volunteers over. “Come on guys, come join in. He gets a lash every time you spunk over him.”

The first volunteer was quick on the trigger, he came over Neil’s back, and the apprentice lashed his arse with the birch.

Neil yelped. He hadn’t expected any of them to cum so soon.

The volunteers started to breathe hard and groan. “Don’t warn the bastard you’re about to cum.”

One guy couldn’t help himself and let out a loud groan as he came in Neil’s hair. The apprentice lashed Neil’s tender arse.

The crowd cheered when each man came over Neil and cheered even louder when the birch connected with Neil’s reddening backside.

The first volunteer had continued stroking and came a second time. This brought the fourteenth lash on Neil’s arse.

The apprentice dismissed all the volunteers, and they quietly dressed and walked off stage. Kevin and Stuart couldn’t look at each other. Neither was gay, and they had just fucked their best friend.

The man tightened the chains, and Neil was now upright again, cum smeared his body. He whirled the boy around so the crowd could see his body and the welts on his arse.

“Is it over?” Neil croaked.

The man grinned, “No chance. You’ve not had all your lashes.” He approached Neil and pressed the button on his cock ring. It squeezed, and his cock began to rise. The man helped it along by stroking it. “You need to cum for this lovely audience first.”

“No fucking way!” Neil snarled.

The man frantically wanked Neil, but he would not cum. Frustrated, he gave Neil two hard lashes on his backside in quick succession before walking off-stage.

He came back with a black contraption in pieces. He knelt before Neil and attached a piece to his balls. It stretched Neil’s balls, making him wince. Now firmly attached, the apprentice flicked Neil’s balls in their taut scrotum. Neil grimaced, stopping himself from crying out.

The apprentice rose to his feet and showed Neil a black rubber dildo. He pressed a button, and it began to throb. Neil closed his eyes and turned his head away. He didn’t see the apprentice go behind him. Neil’s eyes seemed to pop out of his head as he felt the dildo thrust inside him. It throbbed and pulsated inside, rubbing against his prostate. He screwed up his eyes again as he tried not to succumb to the pleasure, but his body betrayed him, and his cock grew hard and erect.

Neil didn’t know whether to scream or groan. The dildo sent waves of pleasure through his body, but the ball stretcher made his balls ache and feel like they were being ripped from his body.

But the apprentice wasn’t finished.

Neil saw a thin metal rod appear in front of his eyes. There was a ball at the end. He was confused; he wondered what it was for. He shivered when the apprentice took hold of his erect cock, and pushed the ball end of the rob inside his penis. Neil’s cock had been leaking precum from the dildo, which made the insertion easy and painless. It was the shock and the strange sensation that freaked out Neil. He screamed for the man to remove it. Nothing had ever gone into his cock; only fluids were released.

Neil groaned. The dildo was pleasurable, but he didn’t enjoy the feeling as his cock throbbed against the metal rod inside it. If it weren’t there, his cock would be leaking profusely. He didn’t notice when the apprentice disappeared from view. Neil just squirmed against his restraints with a mixture of pleasure and discomfort.

Then he felt the full force of the birch on his arse. It shocked Neil, and he couldn’t help but yell out in pain. Now he knew the birching would continue; he mentally prepared himself. He waited for another lash; he pulled against his restraints, his muscles flexed, his jaw tight as he gritted his teeth. But another lash didn’t come, and the dildo pounding his prostate caused Neil to relax with the pleasure. The man noticed Neil’s muscles relax and whipped Neil’s tender arse a sixteenth time.

Four to go, but Neil had lost count. He hoped that was the last, but another lash soon severed that idea.

The apprentice knelt in front of Neil’s cock and pulled the sound out. Precum oozed out, dripping onto the wooden stage floor. Neil hoped this was the end and was disappointed when the sound was pushed inside his erect penis again. He pressed down, trying to prevent the metal from entering him again, but it didn’t stop the metal. In fact, it made the sensation pleasurable.

Neil wasn’t expecting another lash so soon after his cock was penetrated with the sound.

It was getting close to half past twelve, the time was almost over, and the apprentice had to wrap up the show. He quickly gave Neil his final two lashes to cheers from the crowd.

The man removed the sound from Neil’s cock, then pulled out the dildo. He threw both into the crowd, who scrambled to try and catch the momentoes. But the removal of the ball stretcher and cock ring caused Neil more pain. His balls felt like they’d been repeatedly kicked, making him nauseous.

When the apprentice released the restraints, Neil collapsed on the stage. The crowd cheered, knowing the punishment was over and Neil was broken. The man beckoned Stuart and Kevin to come on stage. They helped Neil onto his feet and supported him as he walked off stage.

“Take me to Max.” Neil insisted. The friends looked at each other and felt disgust. They were supposed to be Neil’s best friends, and they had been made to fuck him. Now, Neil didn’t want them to help him. He wanted Max.

“That bastard caused all this.” Kevin sneered, “I’ll take you to mine and clean you up.”

“No! Take me to Max.” Neil croaked.

Neil fell to the floor as Stuart and Kevin lost their grip on his sweaty, bare arms. They dragged him back to his feet, but he was now covered in mud. The walk back was difficult, the boys losing their grip several times.

Neil felt like crying when he saw Max standing in the doorway. He stumbled into his arms. He needed Max to clean him up and tend to the painful welts across his white backside.


At the punishment stage, the apprentice approached Judge Cowper and The Punisher.

“Well, what did you think?” He asked.

Judge Cowper smiled, “Very imaginative and quite appropriate. I was glad to see you size up those men and stop them from penetrating Neil. They would have caused some damage, anal tearing. That was a good call.”

“Thank you, Judge.”

“Well, I think we can say you’ve passed your apprenticeship.” Judge Cowper smiled.

“Thank you, Sir.” The apprentice, now newly qualified Punisher, smiled. He was proud of his work.

The old Punisher huffed and crossed his arms. He wasn’t happy that he was no longer the only Punisher. He was slowly going to be replaced by a younger, slimmer man with a bigger cock.


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  1. I am now an ⁸81 year old guy who has enjoyed all of your stories especially the punishment of Neil. It brout back many memories of my beatings by my mother. Even as a young boy my mother used to pay particular attention to my cock when bathing me She always pulled my foreskin back and forth with her soapy hands giving me an erection which I loved. When I was 11 I started wetting the bed which resulted in my first spankings..She would always strip me naked and put me over her knee and belt me It used to sting but the warn feeling felt rather nice and always gave me an erection This continued as I went through puberty and I started shooting spunk. She started pleasuring me by wanking me off and later giving me blow jobs.I honestly looked forward to This exciting treatment and often asked her to give me more stinging belts which I was really enjoying as well as the blow jobs.This continued until I was 18 and left home for college. When I was in my twenties we resumed our sexy fun but that is another true story.

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  2. I, of course, read the story about the punishment of Neil because it will the conclusion of the ‘Max’ stories. I love stories about public humiliation, but am not a big fan of punishment causing bodily harm.

    Reading this chapter left me with questions. Who is the new punisher? At the start of the chapter when he was intriduced to us, I immediately thought of Andy Noble. The physical discription you gave fits his profile. We know he likes handing out punishments. He got into trouble for it because those were unauthorised. This however is authorised.

    Closer to the end I thought it also may be Kes. All the stuff that happend in the ‘Institute’ during the studies may have triggered him to do it.

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    1. I sometimes find it cathartic to write this type of story. I have no experience of BDSM and am certain I wouldn’t like it. I wonder if I write this type of story authentically. Those who endure punishment as sexplay might like to comment and give me pointers where I let down the story.

      I honestly had no idea who the Apprentice Punisher would be, my thoughts around introducing the character was that Neil was only 16 and The Punisher was more used to punishing older people. I thought the apprentice might be more lenient, but he wasn’t.

      You have given me some great ideas of who it could be. Andy or Kes? Or someone else. It might be interesting to explore.

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