Our Long Climb

A beautiful day on top of Snowdon. But it was very busy. I would like to say I climbed up but I thought the mountain railway would be kinder to my feet. Also, would you believe I’m staying in a place with no wi-fi! I’m having to resort to scrounging wi-fi from the occasional free hot-spot.

There is a story out there about those three young guys. Blondie’s feet need some TLC and Ginger wants to give him some; Blackie likes to watch but could be persuaded to help.

Coming Soon…

This weekend we start a brand new series from BobbyG. It’s a story about a guy who becomes a skilled masseur. The first chapter tells the tale of his school days when he gave his best friend a massage. It’s a great start to the series and so erotic when he gets his hands on his mate, pulls down his shorts and reveals that big black cock…

If anyone wants a copy of the original pictures I use then just email me. I would love to send them you. This one I got from the film “Noah Matous and Pinky” from Staxus.


How Can You Tell If He’s A Real Scotsman?

Reading the second chapter Matt & Me made me realise how sexy I finds Scotsmen in their kilts. It’s the anticipation of knowing if they are being true to the tradition and the hope of a wardrobe malfunction so I can get a glimpse of the jewels. I recently found the picture below and thought it illustrates the story well. Don’t forget the read the second installment of Matt & Me and see what happens.