We Shall Remember Them

This year’s Remembrance Sunday is going to be different. Just because we cannot commemorate in our usual way, we should still take some time to remember all those men, women and children who have died in all the wars and conflicts both past and present. We should also take a moment to remember those that survived. We may not agree with the reasons for war, but those who served, deserve our respect – and sometimes our help.

Explore Cockaigne

It’s something I’ve wanted to do since I started the ‘Cockaigne Chronicles’ and now I have managed to get it done. I have designed Cockaigne’s own subsite, distinct and different from Screeve, I hope.

Because Cockaigne is a fictional place in our imaginations, I have tried to design a type of tourist site for potential visitors. I’m also hoping it will fire up your imaginations so some of you may write your own story in the Cockaigne universe.

All the Cockaigne stories are also on the site (I will also be keeping them on Screeve). As the stories develop and new characters are introduced I hope to add to the website.

I hope you enjoy the site and a new story will be coming soon.

Cockaigne Update

Hi Guys, I hope you are all keeping safe in these strange times. It’s taken some adjustment, I can tell you.

I just want to give you a quick update as I haven’t posted any new stories recently. I’ve not stopped writing, in fact, I am in the middle of a novella. I am £20k words in at the moment. It is set in the Cockaigne Universe and a clinical trial by Cockaigne Pharma.

It’s been a different experience from writing short stories, it’s been great to take the time to set the scene and delve deeper into the characters backgrounds.

As you’d expect with anything from Cockaigne, there’s plenty of nudity and sex.

I just hope I’ve got the motivation to complete it. At the moment it is just a rough draft as I’m ploughing on to keep the flow going.

I still have a couple of instalments featuring the Dartos Family, I hope to upload them soon when I need a break from my novella.

If any of you want to add your stories to the Cockaigne Universe then send them over. I would love to read them.

Thanks for continuing to read the stories, all the Screeve authors like to know that their stories are appreciated and we all appreciate your feedback.

More Speed of Life Coming Soon

It’s been a strange week but I found this picture on Twitter yesterday and thought it was a good match to my next instalment of ‘Speed of Life’. Called “Our First Night Under Canvas” it explores what happens when the three boys get in their sleeping bags. I’m sure you won’t be surprised that cocks get hard and thrust into various holes. I will upload the story later today, but in the meantime, enjoy the pic.

For those wanting to read more from Cockaigne, more will be coming.

Gym Etiquette

I’ve been going to the gym now for nearly a month, and it was only this week that I saw a man changing into a jockstrap. Before I carry on, just don’t think of me as some kind of gym buddy with a hot body and six-pack, if I do have a six-pack, then it’s very well hidden. I just go to the gym to swim on the pool; a bit of cardio which takes the weight off my aching joints.

There are several things I’ve noticed while in the changing room. Young guys are very bashful. Some would just leave still in their gym kit, those that showered would pull on their underpants with a towel wrapped around their waist. I find it quite amusing.

Then you get the middle-aged guys who whip off their towel and quickly pull up their pants, making sure to point their arse to anyone else in the changing room.

And then you get the old codgers… anything goes with the old guys. They let everything hang out and seem to show no modesty.

This was part of the inspiration for ‘Cockaigne Chronicles’, as I wanted to develop a world where the body was normal and not to be ashamed of.