by David Heulfryn


“I see him,” Finn said as he saw Neil’s naked figure through the window. He was being held up and helped to walk by Stuart and Kevin.

Max drew a deep breath and rose to his feet. James followed Max as he went to the front door.

Neil stumbled as he walked. He looked up and saw Max waiting at the door. Max saw Neil’s tear-stained face and red eyes. His body glistened with a mixture of sweat, dirt and cum.

Neil shrugged off Stuart and Kevin’s help and struggled to walk the final two steps to Max. He was exhausted. All his muscles ached from the restraints and the unnatural positions he was forced to endure.

Neil stumbled, and Max caught him.

“I’m sorry, Max.” Neil croaked as Max led him inside and up the stairs.

Max wasn’t sure whether Neil was apologising for the hurt, bullying, or insisting only Max help him. Max guided him into the bathroom and sat him on the edge of the bath. Neil winced as his bruised buttocks touched the cold enamel.

James joined them as Max knelt to run the bath and swirl the water to mix the hot and the cold. “How can we help?” he asked.

“Please,” Neil looked at the floor, “just leave me with Max.”

James looked at Max, who looked confused.

Max stood up and pulled James outside the bathroom. “I think it best if you leave me alone with him. He feels humiliated, and I don’t think he wants to be around people.”

“But Max…” James protested.

“I know. But I feel I need to do this.”

James noticed a tear form in the corner of Max’s eye. He grabbed Max and hugged him. “I wish I could help you. I wish I could be with you. I’ll wait with Finn and his boyfriend.”

“Thank you, James.” Max reluctantly broke the hug, kissed James on the lips, a quick peck, and rejoined Neil in the bathroom.

James smiled to himself; he was proud of Max but felt selfish because he wanted to be with him. The weekends were the only times they could get together, and Neil spoiled their time.

Neil was shivering as Max helped him into the warm bath water. He winced as he put his full weight on his beaten backside. “How does my back look?” Neil asked, his teeth chattering.

“Red and dirty. I can’t see any blood, so I don’t think they’ve broken the skin. I’ll know more when I clean you up.” Max grabbed a sponge, squeezed on some soap and gently wiped it across Neil’s back. “What happened? How did you get so dirty?”

“I was so weak, I couldn’t walk and kept falling onto the grass and in the mud as I tried to walk back here.”

Max felt disappointed with Kevin and Stuart. They were supposed to be his friends and couldn’t help him.

“Your back is fine.” Max told him, “But it is crisscrossed with red stripes. I’ve got some lotion which will help. I’ll rub some on when you’re out of the bath.

Neil sat in silence as Max washed him. He felt warmer now. Max wondered what they did to him as he washed away the dirt and cum. There was dried cum all over his body; Max thought that it couldn’t all be Neil’s, and he wondered if any of it was Neil’s cum. Max hesitated as he washed Neil’s stomach. He looked at Neil, who nodded, granting permission for Max to wash his genitals.

The bath water was dirty, so Max couldn’t see what lay beneath the surface. He pushed the sponge under and gently rubbed Neil’s cock and balls, hoping he was cleaning them.

Max then paid close attention to Neil’s feet. He’d walked barefoot to and from his punishment. Neil felt pain as Max picked a small stone from the sole of his foot. A speck of blood appeared and was swiftly washed away. It didn’t bleed.

“All done.” Max gently placed Neil’s leg back in the water. Neil wanted to lie back and fall asleep but knew his sore back wouldn’t let him. “I’ll get you dry and let you lie on my bed. You can rest then. I’ll rub some stuff on your back and…” Max didn’t know if Neil would welcome an intimate touch.

“Arse.” One side of Neil’s mouth curled in an attempted smile.

“Yes.” Max smiled at him. “Let’s get you up.” Max supported Neil under his arms as he struggled to get to his feet.

Neil stood looking at Max, his feet in a few feet of dirty water. Max noticed that Neil’s cock was hard. He looked down as it as it pointed towards him. Max noticed a few dirty marks that he hadn’t cleaned properly.

“You still have some dirt down there.” Max held out the sponge to Neil, who took it and looked down. He felt dizzy and began to sway. Max held him steady, but Neil gave the sponge back to Max.

“You’d better do it.”

Max took the sponge and wrapped it around Neil’s hard cock. He rubbed it clean.

“They tried to make me cum.” Neil sounded ashamed, “but I held out. I didn’t want to give them the satisfaction.”

Max released Neil’s cock and caressed his balls. They were loose from the warm water and rolled around in the sponge in his hand.

“Sorry,” Neil gasped as his cock began to spasm and shoot cum over Max.

Neil stumbled as they walked to the bedroom, but Max was there to steady him. Neil fell asleep as soon as he lay face down on Max’s bed.

Max straddled Neil’s naked body and gently rubbed the lotion onto his back and buttocks, careful not to wake him. He traced the red lines on Neil’s back with his finger. The welts seemed to fade, but Max knew it was his imagination as the lotion would never work that quickly.

Max stared at Neil’s buttocks. They were pert and round. They would be beautiful if they weren’t covered in red welts. He checked that Neil was still asleep and then fondled those buttocks in front of his. He rubbed in the lotion, swirling his hands across them, separating his cheeks each time. This time he looked down and watched as he exposed Neil’s anus. Max felt his cock twitch and felt guilty for getting aroused by looking at his naked bully. But something looked wrong. Max stopped rubbing Neil’s buttocks and spread them as far as he dared. Neil’s pink pucker twitched, and a stream of thick white fluid flowed down and covered his balls.

Neil had been fucked during his punishment.

Max let a few tears fall. Neil wasn’t gay. At least he didn’t think he was gay. But for a straight kid to be fucked, that would be the most humiliating feeling he could feel.

Max looked at Neil’s face, eyes closed, resting against his pillow. He then looked at his exposed and leaking arse. No wonder Neil didn’t want to be around anybody. Max reached over to the box of tissues by his bed. The box of tissues he would wipe up his cum after having a wank. Now he was using the tissues to wipe up someone else’s cum that was dumped in Neil’s arse. Max gently wiped Neil’s anus and balls, but the cum kept leaking out. He cleaned Neil’s arse as best he could and closed his arse cheeks. Any more cum that leaked out would stay trapped between his buttocks.

Max covered Neil with his duvet and looked at him. His bully was lying naked in his bed. Max went back to the bathroom and flushed the cummy tissues. He didn’t care what his father would say; he just wanted the evidence out of the house and not languishing in a bin.

Max went back into the bedroom and sat on Finn’s bed; he kept staring at the boy in his bed. He didn’t know how he felt about him. Was he still Max’s bully? Was he now Max’s friend? He was the only person Neil wanted to help him get through the ordeal. He was who Neil turned to for help to rebuild a relationship with his father. All of a sudden, Max felt the responsibility that Neil had placed on his shoulders. It was no wonder why he didn’t turn to Kevin and Stuart for help. They couldn’t care less about helping their friend. They were just in it for the kudos of being around Neil, a relation to the founder of the town, and the protection it afforded them to bully and terrorise other kids in school.

The scent of drying cum wafted into Max’s nostrils as he took a deep breath. He looked down and pulled off his shirt, throwing it into the corner of the room, missing the dirty linen basket. After putting on a fresh shirt, Max went downstairs.

“Where is everyone?” Max asked his mother, who was busy in the kitchen.

“They went out.” Lily looked at Max, “James went with Finn and Adam. He seemed a little down.”

“Do you know where they went?” Max asked.

“No idea and I didn’t ask. Give them a ring.” Lily suggested.

Max huffed into the living room and sat down. He wanted to find James to spend the rest of the day with him, but he didn’t feel he could leave Neil. What if he woke and he wasn’t there? Lily had never been too kind to Neil and would probably encourage him to leave and go home. Max didn’t want that. He didn’t want Neil to be forced out and back home where his mother didn’t care. So Max just sat in silence, listening to his breathing. It wasn’t long before the tension of the day overwhelmed him, and he dozed off.

James split from Finn and Adam. He felt like a third wheel, especially when they sat on a bench and began snogging. James made his excuses and left, with barely any reaction from either boy.

For a brief moment, James thought about going home but didn’t like the idea of leaving Max alone with Neil; he wanted Max to know he was there if he needed him, even if he was going to be another third wheel with Max and Neil.

James slowly walked back to the house. He had to concentrate on where he was going as he still didn’t know his way around the town too well. But when he turned into their driveway, James felt depressed. He felt selfish, and he hated himself for feeling that way. Max may be his boyfriend, but they didn’t own each other, and for the first time since they got together, James felt like Max didn’t need him. He wanted Max to need him. He hated Neil for coming between them. He hated himself for feeling this way.

James let himself in and found Max lying on the sofa. He was asleep. James lifted Max’s head and sat down, gently placing it onto his lap. James sat silently, stroking Max’s hair and listening to his breathing.

Max stirred and snuggled into James. He groaned and was asleep again.

James sat back and closed his eyes. His hands slowly stopped stroking Max’s hair. He soon also fell asleep.

Max and James were jolted awake by Finn slamming the front door and he and Adam giggling.

Max turned on his back and looked up at James. “Thank you. I knew it was you holding me. No one touches me like you do.”

James leaned down and kissed his boyfriend. “For a few moments, I hated myself. I was jealous, jealous of him. I thought you were losing yourself to him.”

“Never, James. I love you. Not him. I don’t think I could ever love him, not after what he put me through.”

“But you feel sorry for him,” James said.

“Yes, I do. I don’t feel he deserved what he went through.” Max sat up and snuggled against James. “I don’t know what they did to him, but I’ve seen the after-effects. And it’s not pretty.”

“So what now?” James asked, “Is he going home later?”

“I have no idea. But judging from how he is, I’d rather he stay here. His mother is an unfeeling bitch.” James opened his mouth to tell off Max for cursing Neil’s mother, “His words, not mine.” Max smiled.

“If you have another boy in your bed, there’ll be no room for me. Perhaps I should go home.” James didn’t relish the thought of leaving Max.

“Don’t be silly. We’ll sort something out. We can get the spare room ready. Perhaps we can sleep in there. Have a little privacy.” Max leaned in and kissed James.

James smiled. “I’d like that.” He dropped his hand to Max’s crotch and began to caress the soft flesh beneath his jeans.

Lily grumbled to Owen in the kitchen as she prepared dinner. She was chopping an onion as she prepared a batch of chilli con carne. “Five of them.” She huffed. “Five teenage boys in the house and staying overnight. It’s ridiculous. We only have three single beds.”

“Don’t get too upset; you know our boys will have their boyfriends in their beds.” Owen grinned. “At least with so many boys in the house, we can assume they won’t get up to anything.”

“I don’t mind that. It’s that boy. I don’t know why Max is adamant he stays over. That bastard hurt my baby.” Owen noticed a tear on her cheek. He didn’t know if she was upset or if it was the onions.

“He’s not a baby anymore, Honey.” Owen placed a gentle touch on her arm.

“I know. But they will always be my babies.”

“Mine too, but we have to let them grow up.”

“I hate to think about the stink in their bedroom tomorrow morning. It would be nice if they’d bring home a girl every now and then. Then, I might not be the only one. I’d have someone to talk to. I can’t talk to boys. I have no idea what they like.”

“They like our two beautiful sons. That’s something you have in common.”

Lily smiled, “I can just imagine Finn’s face if I talk to Adam about him. He loves being the centre of attention. And if I talk to James about Max, he’d curl into a ball, all embarrassed.”

“They are certainly polar opposites.” Owen went behind Lily and cupped her breasts. “Perhaps we could have some fun when they’ve gone to bed?”

Lily slapped his hands away. “Not a chance with five teenage boys in the house.”

Owen laughed, “They won’t know. They’ll be too busy wanking, like normal teenage boys.”

“Why’d you think I’m not looking forward to getting them up in the morning.” Lily laughed.

“If I know teenage boys, they’ll all be up in the morning.” Owen laughed and went behind Lily again and embraced her. “And so will I. Perhaps then you can take care of me.”

“You can have a shower and take care of yourself in there like Max and Finn do.” Lily could already feel Owen’s hard bulge pressing against her backside.

Neil didn’t feel up to coming down to eat. He still felt ashamed, and his body ached. He couldn’t face other people. Lily said he’d have to go without, but Max wouldn’t accept that. He left his dinner on the table to go cold as he opened a tin of soup and warmed it up.

“Sit down, Max, and eat your dinner. You can do that afterwards.” Lily looked at him.

“I’m doing it now.” Max was adamant. “I’ll microwave mine when I know Neil has eaten and is fine.” He looked at his mother, “And I don’t like how you treat him, Mum. He’s gone through a lot and deserves our help and perhaps a little sympathy.”

Lily huffed and ate her dinner in silence. James looked down at his plate. He knew better than to say anything. Max had his mind made up, and he wouldn’t change it.

Max took the warm bowl of soup upstairs, leaving everyone else to eat in uncomfortable silence.

Neil lay on his side, his head raised, resting on his arm, as Max spooned in the warm soup. Neil didn’t want any at first, but Max insisted as he knew he hadn’t eaten all day.

The strain became too much, and Neil resumed lying on his front. Max put the half-eaten bowl of soup aside and straightened the duvet to cover Neil’s naked body.

That night, Max and James slept in the spare room. Adam and Finn slept in his bedroom. They shared Finn’s bed, but with Neil opposite, any thoughts of getting up to something vanished from their minds.


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  1. Thanks for the update David. All seem to warm up to Neil exept Lilly. But does Neil deserve their trust? Will the punishment he received be an eye-opener for him or will he go back to his ways when school starts? Neil’s mum is indiffertent to what happens to him or perhaps will our writer put him back in contact with his dad (through Owen and Max).

    We will have to wait on what journey you will take us.

    I thought I’d end this comment with some “famous” English proverbs for Christmas.

    * “Wow, you wrapped this well!”
    (Translation: I literally can’t get into this gift. It’s a struggle. Why have you done this?)

    * “Quite full, actually”
    (Translation: I can’t move, I’m hallucinating a bit and my body has taken the shape of a balloon.)

    * It’s not Christmas until you’ve called Monopoly “a stupid bloody game anyway”

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    1. Those proverbs are so true and I’ve found myself using them many times. It’s as poor Christmas host that leaves their guests with any room in their bellies, not even room for that famous wafer thin mint.

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