Don’t Be Complacent

Thank you all for your kind words, I appreciate them all. So far, my experience of Covid-19 is like having the flu. Bad flu. But my neighbour died of it and left two young children and their mother alone. It was distressing when I heard of his death. He was young, fit and had no underlying medical issues.

I am in a vulnerable group and have always been very careful. I had all the vaccinations, took social distancing seriously, and seemed to be constantly washing my hands. The main effects, so far, are a blocked nose, tickly throat, sneezing and feeling like crap. The persistent coughing and sneezing have affected my ribs and my chest aches. But I’m not having any issues breathing. The moment I’m short of breath is the moment I turn up at my local “Emergency Department”. My anti-viral medication was delivered yesterday, and I am taking it: three tablets twice daily. I’m hoping any trips to the hospital won’t be necessary.

If you look at the mainstream media, Covid isn’t mentioned very much. But Covid is still with us, and it is just as deadly. People are getting complacent, and so is the government. Vaccinations are no longer offered to the general population, and I’m not aware of any plans for boosters for those of us who are vulnerable.

I spent three years being scared of contracting Covid, and now I have it. I’m hoping all the vaccinations and the anti-virals will prevent me from becoming seriously ill. I still have more stories to tell and won’t let Covid stop me. I hope Covid won’t stop you from reading them.

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