Mark McElroy Moves to Cockaigne

Cockaigne is an interesting town that seems to attract new residents who like the way of life that it encourages.

Mark McElroy is to be the latest resident who has emailed me the first part of his story about husbands, Brad and Mitch and their twin sons. Interestingly they are a family of nudists so will fit right in.

Brad is soon to start work at Cockaigne Research Laboratories and Mitch is to be the new Counsellor at Cockaigne Academy. This is just what the school needs; a counsellor to help the kids adjust to the new rules and accept nudity as natural.

Mitch dives right into his new role when he meets Caleb and Trent on the day they move in. The two boys soon learn that Mitch is good at what he does.

Let’s give Mark a big Cockaigne welcome, and make sure to check back soon to read his story.