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Sebastian Wallace ~ Maverick ~ Oliver Jennings ~ Sarah Jane Smith ~ Robert FurlongJason Kason


Cock Worshipper
Random snapshots from my life growing up as a gay teenager in the North East of England
Part-1     Part-2     Part-3     Part-4     Part-5     Part-6     Part-7     Part-8     Part-9     Part-10     Part-11     Part-12


Rule of Masturbation
The boys around school used to refer to this among themselves as the ‘hand book’
Rule-1     Rule-2     Rule-3     Rule-4     Rule-5     Rule-6     Rule-7     Rule-8



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  1. Jason Kason have you been reading my diary?
    Your stories are very like my life, well, except for the therapy 😁
    More please

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