Gym Etiquette

I’ve been going to the gym now for nearly a month, and it was only this week that I saw a man changing into a jockstrap. Before I carry on, just don’t think of me as some kind of gym buddy with a hot body and six-pack, if I do have a six-pack, then it’s very well hidden. I just go to the gym to swim on the pool; a bit of cardio which takes the weight off my aching joints.

There are several things I’ve noticed while in the changing room. Young guys are very bashful. Some would just leave still in their gym kit, those that showered would pull on their underpants with a towel wrapped around their waist. I find it quite amusing.

Then you get the middle-aged guys who whip off their towel and quickly pull up their pants, making sure to point their arse to anyone else in the changing room.

And then you get the old codgers… anything goes with the old guys. They let everything hang out and seem to show no modesty.

This was part of the inspiration for ‘Cockaigne Chronicles’, as I wanted to develop a world where the body was normal and not to be ashamed of.