Surprising Max by David Heulfryn

After suffering the side effects of their inoculation, the brothers wake up stiff and sore. Lily insists on washing their cum-stained bedclothes while the brothers sort out their stuff. As Max looks out of the window of the spare room, he sees his Dad pull up the driveway. In the passenger seat is a surprise that makes Max as giddy as a toddler.

A Week Off

I hope you have all enjoyed the final parts of “Conversations with My Brother”. It has been a joy to write.

I have purposefully given you all a week off from new posts to let you all take a break. I have also taken a week off from writing, but I have spent the week editing the next story, “The Chronicles of the Fletcher Family”, which explores the family’s life as they move to Cockaigne. I can promise you an exciting time is had by all, with some twists and turns as the brothers start a new life.

I’ve not posted any of the current series to Nifty yet. But I think I will combine parts so it doesn’t end up with a story with 45 separate posts, which tends to put me off reading a story.

“So why write one that long if it puts you off?” I hear you cry.

Well, Max and Finn just got under my skin, and I couldn’t let their story end.

This was my first story involving underage boys for many years. I have tended to steer clear of that age group because it can be controversial. Some stories I’ve read seem to appeal to an unsavoury element. I’ve tried to keep my story age appropriate and not salacious. It is a story about love. Max’s love for James and the platonic love the brothers have for each other. I also never intended the story to be an incest story. The brothers are never sexual with each other, but they become comfortable with nudity and their sexuality. Some scenes are close to the bone (pun intended), but there is never any sexual attraction between the brothers.

Much as I love Nifty, and it is a vital resource for all, I’d be interested to know which other sites you think I could post the story. My current favourite story site is GayDemon, but they do not accept stories that involve sex with minors, and I suppose mine comes under that category. So any suggestions would be appreciated.

Leaving by David Heulfryn

The day has finally arrived. The family is moving to Cockaigne. Finn is forced to wear clothes, and Max is wrenched away from James.

This is the final instalment of the “Conversations with my Brother” series. To date this is the longest story I have written, a testament to the relationship between the brothers. I have enjoyed writing it, and Max and Finn have come to mean so much to me. I hope I have conveyed how strong the bond is between brothers and how they share a different and unique type of love.

But this is not the end. The family now resides in Cockaigne, which means the start of a brand new adventure.