Naked Attraction S04E03 – Tom

Tom is a 22-year-old reatil worker. When asked what part of his body he had learned to live with, he said his acne scars. He said he had quite a bit of time off school because of his acne and shows us the ones on his chest. It looks like he shaves his chest too. He looks quite the hunk and loved it when he did the squats. Such a great arse, and a great dick. He actually seemed quite sweet when on the date.

Naked Attraction S04E03 – Liam

Liam is a 20-year-old landscaper from West Molesey. Rejected becuase he mumbled slightly when he spoke. When asked what part of his body he had learned to live with, he said his nose, as it is quite large (not the only thing) and his schoolmates used to call it Mount Everest. I could think if a better nickname for him. He may look a bit goofy, but what a cock! As you can probably tell from the number of screencaps I’ve made, I just love his cock.


Naked Attraction S03E04 – Steve

Steve was picked by Richard and is a 44-year-old Builder from Essex. The first pic shows how morose his face can look but it does not show off his true personality. A nice cock but to muscly for my liking. But now an annoyance. Steve is the second person this series to appear on a previous episode. (Josh the Virgin was the other) He appeared in Series 2, episode 6 but unlike this time, he wasn’t picked. Surely there are enough guys out there who want to show off their junk on national television.