by David Heulfryn


Neil woke before Max and Finn. He looked at the brothers, holding each other close. He checked the alarm clock; it would start to blare out its screeching noise in about half an hour. He quietly slipped out of bed and crept to the door. He slowly opened the door, careful not to disturb their sleep, and went to the bathroom. He felt like he needed a shower. He hoped he could finish before Lily woke; he didn’t want to make her angry. She was already irritated that he was around so much and had to feed him.

Neil was quick. He turned on the shower and rushed, washing himself and shampooing his hair. He realised he didn’t have a towel when he turned off the shower. He opened the shower curtain and looked around the bathroom. There was a neat stack of fresh towels on a shelf. He took one and dried himself.

It was part of his punishment that Neil must stay naked until eight o’clock Monday morning. But it was out of habit that he wrapped the damp towel around his waist.

Neil was careful not to wake the brothers when he returned to their bedroom. He didn’t want to disturb them, but he needed to do something to keep his mind busy so he didn’t have to think about his pending punishment.

He made Finn’s bed, went to their wardrobe, and took out their school uniforms. He lay them on the bed. Trousers, shirt and blazer. He slowly opened the top drawer of their chest of drawers and took out two pairs of socks and two pairs of white briefs. He laid them with their uniforms.

Neil knelt by the bed and looked at the sleeping brothers. He felt the urge to stroke their hair. He wondered what it would be like to have a brother. Would they be as close as Max and Finn? He hoped so. You can have close friends and think they are like brothers to you, but a real brother is something else. The closeness of Max and Finn brought that home to Neil.

The alarm blared, and Neil quickly turned it off. The brothers stirred but didn’t wake. Neil folded the duvet down to reveal their naked torsos. He saw that their arms and hands were entwined, and Max’s chest rested against Finn’s back.

Neil placed his hand on Max’s exposed shoulder. It felt warm, and his skin was smooth and soft.

“Max,” Neil whispered as he rocked Max. “It’s time to get up. Get ready for school.”

The rocking caused Finn to rock, too. Finn stirred and yawned. “What time is it?”

“Time to get up and get ready for school. I turned off the alarm.”

Finn opened his eyes and checked the clock. He groaned and squirmed against Max, who held Finn tighter to prevent him from moving.

“Morning, Max. I’ve got your uniforms out. You both just need to get up. Do you shower in the morning?” Neil asked.

“We do.” Finn croaked. “I’ll go first, I need to wank.” Finn got out of bed and went into the bathroom. Neil watched as his hard cock led the way. Max was now alone in bed, his hand rubbing the warm mattress where Finn had slept.

“Do you need to wank in the morning, Max? I can go downstairs and give you some privacy if you do.” Neil said softly.

“That’s just Finn. Doctor’s orders to get his balls back to normal quicker.” Neil smiled. “I like the extra few minutes in bed while he showers.”

“I don’t blame you. I’m always staying in bed until the last minute. Then I rush to get ready and get to school on time. But then I stay up later than you two. Why do you go to bed so early?” Neil wondered.

“Mum and Dad’s rules. They say we still need more sleep at our age.”

“My Mum doesn’t care. I spent my time in my room playing on my console. Sometimes, I’m up until past midnight.” They heard Finn turn off the shower. “Your turn to shower, Max. I’ll get your bag ready while you’re in there.”

Max sat up; his morning erection had subsided, but his cock was still thicker and longer than its soft state. When Finn came in, Max stood and went to the bathroom. Finn finished drying himself while Neil sorted out Max’s school bag.

Lily and Owen were awake. Lily had slipped on a night dress, something she had started doing while Neil was in the house; she didn’t like him seeing her naked. She poked her head into the boys’ bedroom and watched Finn dry his crotch.

“How are things down there?” She asked her youngest son.

“Fine, things are slowly returning to normal. When I came this morning, it seemed much thicker, less watery than it was.”

“That’s good, dear. I’ll get your breakfast ready. Come down once you’re dressed.”

It didn’t go unnoticed by Finn that she seemed to ignore Neil. Finn sat on Max’s bed, absent-mindedly fondling his loose balls.

“Your uniform is here if you want to get dressed.” Neil looked over at Finn.

“Thanks, but I’ll get dressed in a bit.” Finn liked to stay naked as long as possible. “How are you this morning?”

“Fine.” Neil sounded solemn but didn’t get a chance to say anything further as Max had returned.

Max threw his towel at Finn. He caught it and dropped it on the floor. “You missed a bit in the shower.” He frowned at his brother. “There was a streak of cum still on the tiles.”

“Sorry, Max. I thought I’d rinsed it all down the drain. I’ve not got used to it being thicker and stickier yet.”

“Well, get used to it, as that is what it should be like.” Max picked up the briefs that Neil had laid out for him. He slipped them on, but they were tight. He pushed his cock and balls into the pouch, but the waistband barely reached the base of his cock. Max laughed and looked at Neil. “Either I’ve had a massive growth spurt overnight, or you’ve given me Finn’s underpants.”

Finn giggled. “Take ‘em off and give ‘em here.”

Max took the tiny briefs off and threw them at Finn. “Here you go, these were made for your tiny cock.”

Finn pulled on the underpants and tucked his loose balls and limp cock into the pouch. “Although, I think I’ve grown.” He held his bulge in the palm of his hand. “I think Mum needs to buy me a bigger size now.”

“Just wear mine.” Max smiled. “Once I’ve worn them, I’ll let you have them to wear the next day. It’ll save Mum washing.”

“I like your plan, but it needs just one little adjustment.” Max smiled and waited for Finn to finish. “I think I should wear them first, as I know what disgusting stains you leave in your pants.”

“I’m not the one that spontaneously spunks my skivvies.”

“Nice alliteration, Max.” The brothers laughed, and Neil looked on, jealous of their relationship.


James walked the short distance from the bus stop to Max’s house. It was Saturday morning; the air was fresh and cool, and the dew was still damp on the lawns he passed. He was looking forward to seeing Max, but he knew it would be a difficult day for him. Today would see Neil taken and beaten in front of the town.e HHH

He turned and started walking up their driveway but slowed when he saw a naked youth sitting on the doorstep. James wondered who it was. He noticed him shiver. James rushed over.

“Are you okay? Why are you sitting in the cold, naked?” James noticed the young man’s teeth chatter and knocked on the door. It was a few minutes past seven in the morning, and he knew if Owen opened the door, he wouldn’t be too pleased.

The door flew open after a second series of knocks, and an unhappy and naked Owen stood in the doorway.

Owen sighed, “If this is going to be a regular occurrence, James, we’ll have to get you a key.” Owen looked at the naked youth on the doorstep. “You’re early. Get yourself inside, Neil and warm up.”

“Neil!” James glared at the naked youth. “You’re Neil? You’re the bastard that beat up Max?”

Owen had pulled Neil inside to warm up and shut the door.

James pushed Neil against the wall. “You fucking bastard, touch Max again, and I’ll rearrange that face.” James was millimetres from Neil. Owen pushed himself between them to separate them. Neil collapsed to the floor and curled up in a ball. James suspected he was crying.

“Leave him alone. It’s all being dealt with.” Owen told James. “Now go up and be with Max. I’ll look after Neil. I’m sure Max will explain.”

James went upstairs, sat on Finn’s bed, and looked at the sleeping brothers. He didn’t want to disturb them; he wanted them to sleep as much as they needed. Besides, they seemed so contented as they lay together. He might have been jealous if Finn wasn’t Max’s brother, but he knew they had a close and unusual relationship. He calmed himself as he sat and listened to their breathing. He closed his eyes and could distinguish between a breath from Finn and Max.

Owen remained downstairs with Neil. They sat in the living room. Owen rested his arm across Neil’s shoulders and pulled his body closer.

“It’ll all be over in a few hours.” Owen tried to make Neil feel better.

“I know. I can take the beating. It’s what else they do to me. They could do anything.”

“It’s one day, Neil. Don’t let today define you. Tomorrow will be another day. Yes, people will remember, but they will forget in time. You will be fine. They aren’t allowed to leave any lasting damage.”

“Not physically, no.”

“We can deal with what else happens afterwards.”

Upstairs, James kept looking at the sleeping brothers. He didn’t want to disturb them, but at the same time, he realised that there was always a part of Max that he could never share. He looked at Finn and saw Max’s arms wrapped around his bare chest. It was different when Max held him in the same way. Finn looked serene in his brother’s arms. He saw the love between them, even while they were asleep. He knew Max’s cock would be touching Finn and when hard, pushing between his cheeks. He knew their love wasn’t sexual.

James sighed and lay down on Finn’s bed. He wished Max was with him, but he wasn’t so selfish to wake him. The rhythmic breathing sent him to sleep.


Moist pressure against his lips woke James. He opened his eyes and saw Max. He was kneeling by the bedside.

“Good morning.” Max smiled as James opened his eyes.

“Morning. I didn’t mean to fall asleep.”

Max kissed his boyfriend again. “I let you sleep as long as I could. But I just wanted to feel your lips against mine.”

“What else did you do to me while I was asleep?” James teased.

“Nothing you wouldn’t agree with.” Max cupped James’ crotch. He couldn’t feel much through the thick jeans.

“Where’s your brother?” James asked.

“Downstairs, with Neil. He won’t disturb us.” Max kissed James again. This time, deeper. He pushed his tongue between James’ lips. James’ tongue started to awaken and duel with Max. He began to suck on Max’s invading tongue, swallowing saliva. He wanted more than Max’s tongue in his mouth.

James pushed Max away. “You are a prick tease. My cock is so hard.”

Max stood and showed James how hard he was.

James lunged forward and swallowed Max’s hard cock. He sat on the bed and sucked as Max stood in front of him. He didn’t let go, that cock was feeding him. He missed that cock during the week; he wasn’t about to let it go at weekends.

Max grunted as he reached down and steadied himself by holding James’ head. He came in his mouth. James smiled as he swallowed Max’s cum.


Finn sat with Neil at the breakfast table. Neil sat motionless, not even attempting to eat the buttered toast Lily had put in front of him.

“You should eat something,” Finn said softly.

“I can’t. I feel sick.” Neil said, barely audible.

“Just take sips of your orange juice.” Finn placed a hand on Neil’s. “When are Stu and Kev getting here?”

“About eleven.” Neil took a sip of juice.

Neil had spoken to his friends at school. His mother was indifferent and didn’t care that her son would be punished. She wasn’t going to change her plans. She was going shopping with some friends in the morning, followed by an afternoon at the spa. Neil asked her what he was supposed to do afterwards. The response was to get his friends to help him. Stuart and Kevin weren’t pleased they had to meet up with Neil at Max’s house. They still didn’t like him despite being told to forget any thoughts of retribution against Max. Neil had to threaten them again to keep them in line. He also asked his friends to take him back to Max’s house after the punishment ended, something they couldn’t understand. They wanted to look after their friend and didn’t know why Neil would have preferred Max to care for him.

Adam turned up to support Finn and Max. Finn kissed him chastely and took him into the living room. Neil looked at the redhead and crossed his legs to cover up himself. He was feeling embarrassed being the only naked person in the house.

It was even more awkward when Stuart and Kevin arrived. Neil was the only naked person. But he had to be naked; it was part of his punishment. He looked small and timid as he kept looking at the clock. Very few words were spoken.

Stuart and Kevin escorted Neil to the punishment stage at half past eleven.

Max and James, and Finn and Adam sat squashed together on the three-seater sofa in the living room, staring at the wall opposite.

James held Max’s hand, and Adam draped his arm over Finn’s shoulder. Lily and Owen were in the kitchen; they talked in hushed voices.

“How long will it take?” Lily asked.

“Neil should be back in a couple of hours. He should be here by half one, two at the latest.”

“What do we do when he comes back? We never said he could come back. I wanted it all finished, but he seems to want Max to help him.”

“Max would never let him struggle alone, and those two so-called mates of Neil’s look like they wouldn’t know what to do.”

“They are a bit…” Lily began.

“Dim.” Owen smiled.

“Don’t be cruel,” Lily admonished her husband, “They’re… They just don’t know what to do.”

Lily popped her head into the living room and asked if the boys wanted a drink or something to eat. But they all refused.

Max looked at the clock. He watched the hands move around the face. The second hand met the minute and hour hands in their vertical position.

“It’s started,” Max said, almost inaudibly.

James released Max’s hand and draped his arm around his shoulder. He pulled Max towards him and allowed him to rest his head on his shoulder. On his other side, Finn held onto Max’s hand and squeezed.

Lily and Owen left the boys alone and busied themselves in the back garden.

Everyone kept checking the clock or their watch. James felt Max shudder.

“Don’t think about what might be happening, Max. It won’t be as bad as anything you imagine.” James tried to reassure his boyfriend.

At one o’clock, Finn grew agitated and went to the window to look out for Neil.

“It would only just be finishing, Finn.” Adam joined him. “It’ll be some time before the crowd leaves, and Neil starts to walk back.

“I know. I just feel so useless.” Finn huffed.

“We all do.” Adam held him. “How are you holding up, Max?” Adam looked at his boyfriend’s brother.

“Numb.” It was all Max could say.

Silence resounded as they waited.


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