A Summer of Discover: Ben Goes To Monte Carlo by David Heulfryn

Monaco is a playground for the rich and famous. So why have the students been taken there? Ben and his friends try their best to entertain themselves and get thrown out of a high-end car showroom.

In the meantime, Calvin is left alone after a disagreement with his friends. Ben and his friends find him and insist he spend the day with them.

Back at the campsite, the friends play table tennis, and Ben gives a prize to the winner.

Reactions to Max & Min

I’m glad I decided to post “Conversations With My Brother” on Nifty. I received many encouraging comments from readers when I started posting the story on Screeve, but I never expected the reaction from many readers from Nifty. It is a long story, and I thought most people would not be bothered by such a long read. But I was wrong! And I’m glad I was wrong.

I have received many emails from new readers who loved the story and the special relationship between the brothers. Max & Finn have a place in my heart. I enjoyed writing about them, but I knew it had to end. I didn’t want it to be a never-ending “Soap Opera” that eventually fizzled out.

I’m proud to have written the story of Max and Finn (aka Min). I’m sure it could do with some more editing and perhaps the writing tightening up in places, but, on the whole, I’m happy with it. Many of you have mentioned the emotional connection between the brothers and how real it felt as you read the story. That means more to me than you could know. For people to tell me how their relationship affected them brings me back to how I felt as I wrote about the intimate moments between the brothers.

One day, I may return to their life. But until then…

Max & Min Forever!

A Summer of Discover: Relief From Boredom by David Heulfryn

Ben wakes feeling horny and pleads with Darren to help him out. After getting relief, Ben and his friends flaunt themselves in their Speedos during breakfast. Some students found it hilarious as they exposed themselves, and then they saw the size of the bulge in Pete’s Speedos!

An excursion to a local monastery spells instant boredom for Ben. When they get back, Ben takes Darren to the local lake and pays him back for the help he gave him in the morning.

A Summer of Discover: Speedo Fun by David Heulfryn

The students spend the day at the beach, but Ben and his mates get into trouble for playing too hard in the sea. After calming down, they find Charlie, the coach driver, sunbathing in nothing but Speedos. Ben gets an idea, and the boys decide to buy their own Speedos. Ben has a little fun with Darren in the fitting room as they try on their tight swim briefs.

A Summer of Discover: Left Alone by David Heulfryn

The group arrive at the campsite and put up the tents. Ben is knackered from having no sleep and quickly falls asleep once his tent is up. When he wakes, he finds himself alone, the rest having gone to a nearby lake. Ben doesn’t know where they have gone, so he visits the ablution hut to shower. He meets the coach driver there, and they share a shower cubicle.

A Summer of Discovery: Getting There by David Heulfryn

The students have finished their exams and are on a final school trip to the South of France. They travel through the night, and most of the students are either asleep in their seats or wrapped in their sleeping bags and lying on the floor of the coach. But Ben Masters and his best friend are having trouble sleeping. Ben takes a risk and helps his friend to fall asleep by wanking him off.

Who Is Ben Masters?

Ben Masters is the star of my new series, which will start very soon. I should admit that when I began writing the story, and I named my characters, I had no idea there was a gay porn star of the same name. There is a reason I chase that name, and those readers from the UK may understand.

There was a children’s programme from the early seventies called Mr Benn. He went on fantastic adventures after visiting a fancy dress costume shop. So we go from Mister Benn to Master Benn to Ben Masters.

This first story introduces us to the character and what he gets up to on an end-of-school trip. Ben has finished school and will be going to University in the autumn. This school trip is for the students to let their hair down, enjoy themselves, and say goodbye, and it takes place in the South of France. It may be cold outside, frosty or snowy sometimes, but this story brings sun, sand and sex into our lives.

I hope you enjoy it. The first part will arrive very soon.

The Punishment of Neil Wilson by David Heulfryn

Note: This story contains scenes of physical punishments. The punishments include birching and sexual penetration. If these scenes cause offence or are liable to trigger painful memories, please do not read any further. Please note that this story is pure fiction and not derived from actual events.


This story is not part of “The Chronicles of the Fletcher Family” as it has a dark tone and doesn’t fit the style of that story. I skipped over Neil’s punishment in that story, but we did see some of the effects of that punishment. I only started to write this after I finished the main storyline. Neil’s punishment had to be brutal, not merely a few lashes of the birch. It is also a reminder that Cockaigne is not the paradise it thinks it is, and the residents must adhere to the laws, as the punishments can be harsh.

I will not be offended if some people don’t read this, as it contains some scenes that some of you may find disturbing. We all like different stories, and I know this will not be for everyone. I must admit that I don’t generally read these stories. I don’t find them remotely erotic, but writing it can be somewhat cathartic.

I have new stories planned this year, which will be more pleasant to read. So stay tuned.

A Trip To Suddene by David Heulfryn

The time has come to say goodbye to the boys. This is the final instalment of the saga of Max and Finn. They are settled with boyfriends and are enjoying life in Cockaigne. I could write about the boys forever, but the time has come to set them free and continue their lives without me chronicling their most private and intimate moments.

The final part centres on Max’s bully, Neil, and his meeting with his estranged father. The relationship between the boy and his bully has changed. Neil had changed.

I’m not too fond of twee endings and wonder if this could happen in real life. Most of us would have been bullied in our lives if not for being gay or identifying as anything other than straight; then it would be because of your ginger hair, your glasses, perhaps a stutter, or a limp. But it is because of Max’s sheer force of will that he never gave up on Neil, despite his friends and family not understanding. I am so proud of Max!

So, just as we leave Max and Finn, we leave 2023. I’m not sad to see it go, and I hope 2024 will be a better year for everyone.

So, happy New Year and stories from Cockaigne will continue.