A Summer of Discovery: Back at the Beach by David Heulfryn

A trip to a local vineyard splits the group, and Ben and his friends are left at the beach. This time, they have three girls with them, wanting them to make good on their promise of going to the nude beach. When they get settled, the nude beach offers them more freedom, and they become emboldened to satisfy their desires.

A Summer of Discovery: Fun at the Park by David Heulfryn

Ben and his friends spend the day at a local waterpark. Of course, they are wearing their light blue Speedos, but no one cares except Mr Fisher. This was the first excursion Ben hadn’t complained about. When they get back to the campsite, Ben finally gets to have a shower, and he takes Calvin with him.

A Summer of Discovery: Ben Goes To Monte Carlo by David Heulfryn

Monaco is a playground for the rich and famous. So why have the students been taken there? Ben and his friends try their best to entertain themselves and get thrown out of a high-end car showroom.

In the meantime, Calvin is left alone after a disagreement with his friends. Ben and his friends find him and insist he spend the day with them.

Back at the campsite, the friends play table tennis, and Ben gives a prize to the winner.

Reactions to Max & Min

I’m glad I decided to post “Conversations With My Brother” on Nifty. I received many encouraging comments from readers when I started posting the story on Screeve, but I never expected the reaction from many readers from Nifty. It is a long story, and I thought most people would not be bothered by such a long read. But I was wrong! And I’m glad I was wrong.

I have received many emails from new readers who loved the story and the special relationship between the brothers. Max & Finn have a place in my heart. I enjoyed writing about them, but I knew it had to end. I didn’t want it to be a never-ending “Soap Opera” that eventually fizzled out.

I’m proud to have written the story of Max and Finn (aka Min). I’m sure it could do with some more editing and perhaps the writing tightening up in places, but, on the whole, I’m happy with it. Many of you have mentioned the emotional connection between the brothers and how real it felt as you read the story. That means more to me than you could know. For people to tell me how their relationship affected them brings me back to how I felt as I wrote about the intimate moments between the brothers.

One day, I may return to their life. But until then…

Max & Min Forever!

A Summer of Discovery: Relief From Boredom by David Heulfryn

Ben wakes feeling horny and pleads with Darren to help him out. After getting relief, Ben and his friends flaunt themselves in their Speedos during breakfast. Some students found it hilarious as they exposed themselves, and then they saw the size of the bulge in Pete’s Speedos!

An excursion to a local monastery spells instant boredom for Ben. When they get back, Ben takes Darren to the local lake and pays him back for the help he gave him in the morning.