When I Was…Twenty-Seven by David Heulfryn

Robbie and Jack are now older, and it is Jack’s wedding day. The two friends are as close as they have ever been as they spend Jack’s final night as a bachelor in Robbie’s apartment.

I like writing about these two friends. They have a closeness that I wish I had with my best friend. There is no sex between them, and I seriously doubt if they ever will have sex, it would spoil the relationship. I hope you like these glimpses into defining moments of the life of these friends.

It Can Take You By Surprise

Broken Glass

I went through a year of lockdown and didn’t fall into a deep bout of depression. Now we are coming out of lockdown, it hits. I can’t blame it on anxiety, which I know some people are experiencing after such a long time being locked down. But I suppose that is the nature of this illness; there can be no rhyme or reason for when it strikes.

I was very conscious of my mental health during lockdown. I suppose because I knew there was a possibility of going into a depression during that difficult time, I made conscious decisions to try and stop it from happening. Now we are coming out, I have been more lax with my health, and I allowed this bout to overwhelm me.

So the lesson I have learnt this time is, don’t get cocky and complacent when you feel good; you need to keep working to keep depression at bay.

The First Cockaigne Chronicles Novel Coming Soon

‘Becoming Kes’ is a story of lust on a clinical trial while testing a new cream that enhances sexual performance. The story is set in the exceptional fictitious English town of Cockaigne. A town where nudity and sexual freedom are part of everyday life.

Jay is struggling to make something of his life when he finds a tantalising advert from Cockaigne Pharma trying to find volunteers for a clinical trial. All the volunteers are healthy young men who must remain anonymous and naked throughout. They are given codes, and Jay decides to go by the name Kes.

Kes finds himself partnered with Zack, a troublemaker who is punished on his first day. On the trial, Kes and Zack test the new cream and discover how much better sex can be.

Outside the clinical trial, Kes meets Philip. They become close, and Kes begins to question his sexuality and explore what Cockaigne has to offer. Hopefully, with Philip.

Naked Attraction S08E05 Tansel

Tansel is a 33-year-old fashion entrepreneur from London. Despite being around beautiful women, he just hasn’t found one to marry. He says he meets superficial people as part of his work, but when he was going on a date with a woman who liked dogs, he rented one for the date! Now that doesn’t sound genuine. So he might be better off being true to himself if he wants a serious relationship.

Naked Attraction S08E05 Aaron

Aaron is a 26-year-old steelworker. They started discussing having sex in a car, and he indicated that he had done it, Sian never had. When his torso was exposed, she thought he looked like a care-bear that you wanted to snuggle and look after. He was picked for the date with Sian, and it went well; they even spent the night together. Aaron certainly wants to keep seeing Sian.

Naked Attraction S08E05 Jamie

Jamie is a 31-year-old carpenter from Burnley. She liked the look of him, his hairless legs and his Speedo tan-lines and certainly his cock, explaining that she likes to tug them. I’m not sure about you, but that sounds painful as I’m not sure she meant she likes to give blokes a gentle wank. She loves a rug of chest hair and said he had a good body that wasn’t too ripped. When his face appeared, she thought he had a nice smile (and teeth). I always thought he was the front runner to be picked, but in the end, she just thought he was too perfect. Not a reason I would reject him; I like perfect.

Naked Attraction S08E05 Niall

Nial is a 23-year-old sound trainee from Liverpool. His cock immediately caught their eye as it looked a little excited, but he indicated it was just how it was usually, and she loved his thighs. She said he was very sweet looking and thought he maybe just needed looking after. But when she heard his voice and his Scouse accent, he had to go, she just couldn’t understand it. Surely his perky cock could have saved him!

Naked Attraction S08E05 Alfie

Alfie is a 23-year-old recruitment consultant from Borehamwood. At first glance, they thought he shaved his pubes, but on closer inspection, they were fair and trimmed. Sian liked guys with shaved pubes, saying it was much tidier. She said he was very blond with a great smile and nice straight teeth. He was third to go as he was just a little too small. Well, not for me; he looked just fine for me, cute face, blond, gorgeous cock and a damn fine body. And a cheeky smile.

Naked Attraction

Naked Attraction

Naked Attraction

Naked Attraction

Naked Attraction

Naked Attraction

Naked Attraction

When I saw this next bit, it reminded me of how a nervous toddler behaves, gently rubbing his bare belly and chest. He looked so cute.

Naked Attraction