Stories by Robert Furlong


Stories by the same author using a different alias
Sebastian Wallace ~ Maverick ~ Oliver Jennings ~ Sarah Jane Smith ~ Robert FurlongJason Kason


Butt Monkey
Rob Furlong explores his attraction to male butts in 31 parts


Like Father Like Son
Jake brings home a friend from university and teases his father


Hypothetical Hitch-Hiker
When Dane gets thrown out of the car he get’s picked up by Rob


The Bride’s Brother
Scott and Ricky meet Jason at his sister’s wedding


Awake With Jake
Jake and his father, Rob, sit down one evening and discuss a shared fascination


.Go Ahead
Rob visits the local bus station toilets while he waits for the coach office to open


Having A Laugh
I showed Reece some photos of our mates doing stupid shit with their cocks out


Doubling Up
My friend stays over with us while my son’s mate from university is still in town


The Halfway Inn
I’d heard that we had to go on a course in Bristol, and had to staying with four colleagues


Mudchute Services
Robert stops off to visit to the toilet at a motorway services


Mankini Bearcub
Bazza is intrigued by comments made about his ice bucket video in his mankini


Bunk Buddies
My fuck-buddy Rob has always been fascinated to hear about my time in prison


My Two Uncles
I was trying to be sneaky but my uncle must have spotted me peeping round the door


Up At The Crack
I met a guy called Edward, he’s divorced and has a son in his late teens


Game Boy
At first I thought he must be selling something, he looked clean-cut and respectable


Doing the Dirty
“Do you prefer dating a woman or doing the dirty with a guy?” my son asked me


The lads were piss bored, yet here they all were in a stuffy biology lesson


Just Like My Dad
He saw the way I was looking at his big, blokish backside and licking my lips


The Furlong Gene
Do all the Furlong boys possess the gene for enjoying male backside


What Happened in Harvey’s Room
Grant gets invited to Harvey’s room for a circle jerk


Further into the Furlongs
Jake’s cousin finally begins to loosen up and decides to stay with his Uncle


Air BnB
Dave rents a room from a gay couple to save money on a hotel


Friday Night at the Furlongs’
Shane realises how much he likes the idea of sex with other guys


Furlong Four Play
Jakes friend visits and is told how shane prooved he was more into guys


A New Flame
I had a higher sex drive than my wife, so I needed to find another outlet


Dropping the Bottle Opener
A straight lad is surprised when his gay friend admits that he fantasizes about him


Blast from the Past… and from my Son!
Jake find’s something wierd under his dad’s bed… a blow-up doll


Giving Smithy a Bum-Job
Two straight lads play along when their gay mate tells them how horny he is


Sons & Lovers
Guy’s son returns home early to find that his old school friend Jake is taking a shower


Danny Comes to Stay
A married man’s well-hung ex-boyfriend comes for a visit.


Surprise at Rogerson Shopping Mall
Before meeting his son for a coffee, Rob pops into the nearby public toilets…


Everything Changes at Twenty-One
On Jake’s twenty-first birthday he returns home in the small hours, drunk


Don’t Freak Out
Rob shows his son how he and his boyfriend make love by frotting


Operation: Simon
Guy is determined to develop something with his son Simon that Rob has with Jake


The Paint Job
A wedding artist gets a request from a gay couple to paint them consummating their marriage




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