Stories by Devon Campbell
All stories copyright Devon Campbell and reproduced with their kind permission


The Football Player
It started with a football jock joining me in the bathroom stall, he was hung like a horse


Interview with a Navy SEAL
The Navy SEAL reveals what his life has been like, and his encounters with other men


The Last Scout Trip
Jack is volunteered for one last camping trip before he joins the marines


Boy By The Sea
I spy a young man on the beach first thing in morning, it looks like he slept there


Knowing I’m Gonna Get Fucked
I saw Justin’s magnificent, muscular body in the showers, then Coach joined us


Cadet Firefighter
Sean gets called to a major incident where gets injured while saving lives
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Big Boy
Brock Ashton and his wife discover their son Cody is extremely blessed in the cock department


Boy In The Beach House
Michael meets a young man as he runs naked into the sea


My Virginity, Gone
A slightly older guy bringing a younger boy around to being fucked, by eating his ass first


The College Kid
Josh was curious to find out what it was like to get a blowjob



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  1. Devon, I enjoy your stories. I have been looking for some pictures from you and hope you will send some soon.

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