Decisions by David Heulfryn

The family have a decision to make. Should they move to Cockaigne to be nearer their Father’s new job? Or should they stay? No one has made their mind up yet, and they decide that unless they all agree to move, they won’t be moving.

Max needs time to think about moving. He’s unsure it is right for him and worries about how it will affect his relationship with James.

The brother’s parents, Owen and Lily, are becoming freer and no longer ashamed of nudity and sex. They don’t even wait for their sons to be asleep before having sex, and they aren’t quiet about it.

Conversations with my Brother Visits Cockaigne

I would like to thank everyone for your comments, emails and suggestions. It has been a great series to write, and I hope you have all enjoyed the relationship between the brothers, their family and their friends. This series has proved to be enduring and intriguing to me and is now even longer than my Cockaigne Chronicles novel, “Becoming Kes”. That is no mean feat, especially for me.

Two brothers sharing a moment
Two brothers sharing a moment

But the story of Max and Finn is not over yet. The story is not ready to end. Although I did not start the story with the intention of the brothers visiting Cockaigne, it has naturally converged with the town. So the next part will deal with the family dipping their toes into the remarkable world of Cockaigne. I hope you enjoy the following ten chapters as the brothers experience the town.

Coming Out

Max has a revelation for Finn. He thinks that Finn is a naturist. It all seems to fit, and Finn comes out as a naturist to their parents. Being only thirteen, his Mum thinks it might be a phase. But Finn is eventually allowed to be naked at home. To Finn’s surprise, his Dad strips down to his briefs one night to support his son, and Max goes all the way.

This is the end of part one of the series ‘Conversations with my Brother’. I hope you have enjoyed the series, so far. This is the longest series I have ever written, which is down to the brothers and their special relationship. I have enjoyed writing about their life and have tried to make any sexual interactions age-appropriate, but this was not a story about sex. It was a story about brothers and the bond between brothers. It is a unique bond that will survive all adversity and will only grow stronger in time.

But the story of Max and Min will continue. As this latest chapter alludes to, the boys might be moving to be closer to their father’s new job. Could his new job be in Cockaigne? Min will love the town, but Max would be parted from his boyfriend. Any move will bring new adventures along with the heartache of being separated from your first love. How will Max cope?

Thank you to everyone who has commented, emailed, and rated the stories. It has been great to read your feedback. Writing this series has got me through a difficult time. In the past, when depression took hold, all writing stopped. But the power of the love between Max and Min got me through it. I love those boys like they are my own sons.

Looking After Max

The following day, Max tells Finn what happened. The drugs have worn off, but this also means the pain is returning. Finn fusses around Max, helping him dress and ensuring he’s comfortable. James visits and tells Max’s mum how he was not allowed to see Max when she arrived. She wasn’t aware and apologised. But with Finn and James around, Max has plenty of people fussing over him. It feels like he doesn’t need his mother.

A Nasty Tackle by David Heulfryn

Max gives everyone a scare as he is injured on the rugby pitch. James goes with him to the hospital but finds that he can’t stay with him, despite being his boyfriend. Finn waits with James while his parents are with Max as he gets treated. When Max is discharged, Finn helps him at home as the drugs he has taken, while helping with the pain, have made Max very drowsy and dopey.

A Fatherly Talk by David Heulfryn

Finn wakes up at night to the sounds of his parents having sex. The following night the brothers’ father comes into their room to talk to his boys. Their mother is still concerned that the teenagers sometimes share a bed when naked. Although the brother’s love is platonic, they realise it could be misinterpreted. Their Dad also takes the opportunity to talk to his boys about gay sex. It’s nice to see their Dad opening up.

Tantrums and Hormones by David Heulfryn

In search of himself, Finn decides to take a break from his gymnastics club. It goes well when he tells his coach, but it is different when he tries to explain to his Mum. Finn gets emotional and throws a tantrum, behaving like a little kid. Later that night, when talking to Max before falling asleep, Finn says he needs to apologise to their mother. His hormones are beginning to take over.