Best of Nifty


The following stories are our fabourites. If you read a story you like, let me know and I may include it below.


Party Favors by J Bark (Highschool)

Last Year At Uni by Alfie Brown (College)

Jeff and the Yacht by Ty Stoner

Camping In The Dales by Alfie Brown (Adult-Friends)

The Boathouse by Joe Hunter (Young-Friends)

The Wetsuit By River Rat (Adult-Friends)

River Daze by River Rat (Camping)

Tom, My Sister’s Boyfriend by BurgyHill (Highschool)

Spring Break With Dave by Briarpatch (Adult-Friends)

Fantasy Flipped by Marc McClean (Adult-Friends)

Survival School by Brian (Adult-Friends)

Raw Cardio by Jonathan B (athletics)

Cleaning Up Can Be Fun by Lucky Lex (Highschool)

The Tent By First Last (Camping)

Incident On Avon Road by James Mason (Encounters)

Encounters With A Greek God by Rocco Talespinner (Encounters)

Blind, Blond And Beautiful by Lucky Lex (Highschool)

Taken By The Team by Secret ID (College)

Skinny Dipping Buddies by M Patroclus (College)

Foscali by Lucky Lex (Highschool)

It Felt So Right by Danny Parker (Highschool)

The Gym Challenge By Chris Johns (Beginnings)

Spin Bowler By Tonio A (College)

Better Than Gold by Hankster (Highschool)

Cry Baby by Chris Johns (Highschool)

Tennis Balls by Karl Walker (Highschool)

Caleb Comes Undone by J C (Highschool)

The Cyclist And His Protector by Arnold Bell (Adult-Friends)

Highland Fling by Andy Saquin (Beginnings)

Tennis Partner by Jamie Connors (Highschool)

Soccer Conditioning by Peter Johnson (Highschool)

After the Fight by Johnny Murdoc (Adult-Friends)

Sebastian’s Dream by Chris Johns (College)

Florian’s Audition by Marten Weber (Beginnings)

Naked, He Said by Greg Bowden (Beginnings)

Wet In The Wild by Ty Shannon (College)


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