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I have read many good stories from unpublished writers and I would like to offer them the chance to have a wider exposure and audience. If there are any writers who would like to submit their work to this website then it would be a pleasure to consider it. As is the usual case with web publishing, there are untried and untested laws which we could inadvertently fall foul of. For that reason I have set out below some basic submission guidelines to try and avert any possible legal repercussions to both the website and the writer.

Works can be either fiction, poetry, autobiographical, memoir, essays or articles.

Written works can be of any length and can be short stories, novellas or novels. But when submitting part-works please try to ensure it is complete or will be completed.

Work will be rejected based on the following, but not exhaustive, reasons

  • rape or coercion of minors without consequences
  • abusive situations involving minors without consequences
  • bestiality
  • necrophilia
  • scat or water sports (unless part of a greater story)
  • stories involving celebrities
  • stories involving fictional characters from copyrighted media
  • works which the contributor does not have permission to authorise its inclusion on the site


Work should be submitted via email either as an attachment (MS Word, Open Office and text files are fine) or pasted into the body of the email.

Requests for anonymity or the use of a pseudonym will be respected but should be stated explicitly in the covering email.

Your contact information should be in the main body of the email so that we can contact you regarding your submission.

These are guidelines only and good quality writing and stories which may fall outside these will also be considered.

We reserve the right to accept or reject works at its own discretion without stating its reasons.

Authors retain rights to their submitted works. By submitting a work, the author grants this site a non-exclusive, worldwide and royalty-free licence to display the work. Request to remove work for any reason will always be respected.

Please email for stories to:

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