Ball-Boys by Jolyon Lewes

Wimbledon Fortnight is now upon us and Jolyon Lewes has spoilled us with a tennis-themed short story. David is recruited to be the ball-boy captain. He’s a few years older than the other young lads and turns up late on the first day. The other boys watch as he is splayed over the lawn roller and tawsed by the coach. The training for the major tournament goes well, their uniform very brief, their shorts very short. Read it and enjoy.

That Boy on the Train by Jolyon Lewes

Max is hot and sweaty in his uniform but is thankful when his train journey is disturbed when Jeremy come into his compartment. They get on great and arrange to meet later in the week at Max’s home.

The picture is a bit modern for the story but I thought it looked great. And this is probably what would happen if two boys met on a train today – well if they’re running on time.

When Jeremy finally meets Max at his place his sort of gets his wish and sketches Max in his cadet tunic. He would prefer him to be naked but Max is not quite ready to go that far.