A Life Well Lived
by Jim Cook

All stories copyright Jim Cook and reproduced with their kind permission
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I was born, when I was very young, in the spring of 1945. My mother claims when I was delivered I had a ‘Stiffy’, which hasn’t gone down to this day. Upon graduation from high school in the spring of 1964, in southern California, I left for Europe, using money I’d saved cleaning my dads’ medical offices. That’s not to say my parents didn’t help me from time to time. I spent over twelve years there, and managed to go around the world almost three times. During my life, my adventures have brought me in contact with Royalty, movie stars and a few other VIPs. How?? just right time, right place I suppose. I think you will find my 100% TRUE adventures worth reading.

This story (Autobiography) is my first attempt at writing, all comments are welcome. Send comments to : Jim_Cook7@msn.com


Chapter One: Cousins

Chapter Two: Up-Up And Away

Chapter Three: Welcome To Frankfurt

Chapter Four: Amsterdam

Chapter Five: Brandenburger Tor

Chapter Six: Holiday On Ice

Chapter Seven: In The Spotlight

Chapter Eight: Entre’acte

Chapter Nine: A Dream Fulfilled



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