Naked Attraction S07E01 Liam

Liam is a 24-year-old HGV driver from Bolton. She thought he looked a pretty boy, pretty eyes, pretty face and pretty hair; and she liked his balls. I agree. She picked him because of the way he looked at her. They never got it on after their date, he had too much to drink. Shame we didn’t get to see his cute cock nice and hard and dripping with anticipation. Sorry for the two GIFs, I couldn’t resist them. He does have remarkably good tackle.

Naked Attraction S07E01 Antonio

Antonio is a 27-year-old digital marketer from London. He grew up in the US so has a slight accent and she just smiles when she looks at him and doesn’t listen to what he says, she’s just thinking about sex so doesn’t consider him marriage material. She liked his cut cock, thinking that it looked ‘neat’. It’s foreskin all the way for me, I think it looks too dry.

Naked Attraction S07E01 Sam H

Sam H is a 32-year-old civil engineer from Swindon, rejected because he is all penis. She thought his slim body made his cock look even bigger. I personally don’t mind a large cock, I think they look good on a bloke. The lady is obsessed with balls as she wants kids, Sam was asked to lift up his cock so she could see his baby-makers. The GIF may take time to load but I hope you like it.

Naked Attraction S07E01 – Brian

Brian (23 years old) and is from Maidstone and works in the hospitality industry. He is a wine connoisseur and even went to wine school. Not surprisingly, he is also a virgin and has never had a girlfriend. He had some lovely ladies to choose from but in the end, he chose a lady totally unsuitable for him. She even got him a gimp mask. No wonder he’s never had a girlfriend if his judgment is that questionable. I know you’re supposed to choose on looks, but even I know she looked unsuitable for the poor little virgin. He does have a nice thick cock though.