My New Cockaigne Christmas Story

It’s getting closer to the big day – just two more sleeps until Santa comes and empties his sack for us.

This Christmas is going to be different with many of us not able to visit our loved ones, friends and family. The rules for us are different depending on where we are and I encourage you all you comply with your local rules.

As a special present from me, I tossed off… (excuse me) wrote… a little episode in the life of the Walker family. Adam makes a return to the page as he encounters a new tradition in the town, The Cockaigne Claus.

Keep your eyes peeled to Screeve tomorrow as it will appear soon. Better still, subscribe to the mailing list and get an email when it appears, don’t worry your email will be kept safe and secure.

Wishing you all a very Merry Cockaigne Christmas and I invite you to get naked and raise a glass of your favourite tipple to this amazing town.

Stay Safe and Look After Each Other

I have been a little quiet of late and not given you updates or new stories for several weeks.

About a month ago my depression returned. I thought it was just writer’s block but it was something else. My lust for life dissipated and my enthusiasm for writing stories waned, I was consumed with self-doubt.

The afternoons are getting dark and the Covid-19 precautions are exacerbating my problem with greater feelings of isolation. This pandemic is extremely serious and we have to take it seriously. The UK now has a vaccine but even though I have pre-existing conditions which make me vulnerable, I have learnt that I am only in the 6th category on the priority list. So I may not be vaccinated until May/June next year. I fear that not much is going to change in the first half of next year.

But we have to get there first and it will be a tough Christmas for many.

I’m clambering out of my depression and I have started writing again this week.  So I hope to have some updates soon.

In the meantime, please look after yourselves and look after those around you. If someone has gone quiet and is not responding, then send some friendly words without any expectations. Just say “Hi” and say you’ll be there if they need you.

Covid-19 has meant an increase in mental health issues, so let’s all support each other.

I may not always show it, but I really do appreciate all of you.

Naked Attraction S07E03 Owen

Owen is a 20-year-old marine biology student who identifies as non-binary and prefers the pronouns them/they. They have a lovely body and lovely penis and she likes the dangle of the balls, they’ve got a “lovely ballsac” and a “good set of plums”. She also says they have lovely brown eyes. She chose Owen for the date because of their corking plums. As you can tell by the number of pics, I really liked their cock.

Naked Attraction S07E03 Horatio

Horatio is a 23-year-old jeweller from Yorkshire. He has lovely hair and a nice cock, she doesn’t mind a bit of hair every now and again. And the hair wouldn’t stop her going down on him. Eliminated because of his hair, feeling it would be just a little too much for her. Judging from my little GIF at the end, he certainly found the experience exciting.

Naked Attraction S07E03 Bradley

Bradley is a 32-year old highway maintenance foreman from near Leeds. She thought he looked cheeky and had a nice sized cock, describing it as being like a Cinderella slipper, a perfect fit. She’s not a gym fanatic so doesn’t a bit of a dad-bod. He gave her a fanny-flutter. Their date went well but their relationship fizzled out due to the distance between them.