Mums Make Porn

Well, episode 2 of this 3 part series has aired. And what do we have? Well, the devout Christian has left as she couldn’t continue. She even went to church and spoke to her vicar about it. Well, go figure! A devout Christian is against porn! Why did she bother even agreeing to do the series?

My other criticism is that they still haven’t shown the mothers asking the main consumers of porn what they want in porn and why they watch it.

The mothers then start to look at casting for their porn film. They say they want to move away from cliches, they want normal people, “girls with one boob bigger than another”. They interview a man. Jack. He says he does mostly trans porn and then one of them asks, “do you have a big penis?” Isn’t that a cliche? What does it matter if they want to make a more realistic porn film after they said it is the right person they want, not cliche. You can be sensual, erotic and everything else they want and have a big penis.

One of them then discovers Erica Lust and her “Ethical Porn”.

The more I watch, the more infuriated I get. But I’m intrigued to see the end result. This could have been such an insightful series about porn and what we want and why we want it. Instead, we have five mothers, four of which are so against porn that one wonders why they are doing it. A women that wretches after seeing a man cum while watching porn being made… how can she possibly make a porn film. Only one women actually consumes porn, she has the most relevant and interesting views. She seems as frustrated with the other mothers than I am. At least they now concede that porn can be something other than girl-boy.

Such a wasted opportunity! All they show is how out of touch with reality they are.

Stories Update

Welcome to this Mother’s Day update (well it’s Mother’s Day in the UK, I know other countries have it on different days). Before you ask, none of the story updates have a Mother’s Day theme. We’ve also lost an hour today as our clocks went forward to British Summer Time – so we all got an hour’s less sleep.

Bog Off – Chapter 13 by Tom
Clouded Purity – Chapter 9 by Cynus
M/V Lady Jean Peterson – Chapter 6 by BobbyG

Mums Make Porn

Channel 4 (in the UK) have started showing a series where a group of 5 mothers are tasked to make a porn film they would rather their children saw instead of the stuff that is out there. The main themes that came across were the degradation of the women involved, the lack of respect and the lack of consent.

The first episode was very female-centric, and they went to see how porn was made, both of these were produced by women. I would have like to see the male point of view and more voxpops from young men, after all, it is their consumption of porn that influences their views of sex and what women want. I think if the Mums are going to make a responsible pron film then they need to know what the young men want from porn and why they view it. Perhaps future episodes will look into this.

I’ve made some screencaps of a porn performer Sam. Cute, hung and uncut.



Wanted by the CIA

Well, it seems that I’m wanted by the CIA! They say they’ve discovered evidence of me distributing pornographic images of under-age children. This technician wants $10,000 to delete the evidence.

Now the hacker email from several months ago seemed more plausible. This one is just too far-fetched. I doubt that the CIA would pre-warn me, the price is far too high for ordinary people to pay and an unscrupulous employee of the CIA wouldn’t email from a CIA email.

I just get so tired of this shit! I get so much spam I’m sure I miss some important emails. If anyone has any ideas how to filter all this shit, I would sincerely appreciate it.

St. Patrick’s Day Stories Update

Happy St. Patricks Day. I won’t crow about Wales beating Ireland in the Six Nations Rugby yesterday to win the Grand Slam. Well done Wales! It was a great game and Ireland did play well. I know I always say how proud I am of my welsh heritage, but I am also one quarter Irish – I’m a regular British mongrel. Pity I don’t like Guinness. But I will raise a nice glass of white wine to the Irish. Sláinte

Clouded Purity – Chapter 7 by Cynus
M/V Lady Jean Peterson – Chapter 4 by BobbyG

Stories Update

Bog Off – Chapter 11 by Tom
Clouded Purity – Chapter 4 by Cynus
M/V Lady Jean Peterson – Chapter 1 by BobbyG

This week’s update sees the start of M/V Lady Jean Peterson by BobbyG. The eagle-eyed of you will notice that we have already published this series. However, this is a new re-edited version. The original version has now been removed, so please take  a second look, or if you missed it the first time around, a first look.