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Speed of Life: He’ll Be Leaving Soon by William Richard Large

The Large family travel to Tom’s university of choice to make sure he it’s definatly the place he want to study when he leaves college. The Large boys stay in a hotel room overnight, but Rob, the youngest deserts them to sleep in their parents room when the boys’ play fighting gets too boistrous. Tom and Will are left alone and their brotherly relationship goes to the next level.

Pride – Still A Long Way To Go

Last weekend was the annual Pride march in my local city. I didn’t manage to go this year but my teenage nephew did. He went with a few friends, one identified as bi, one as pan and one as transexual; he self identifies as bisexual. All the young boys and girls (15 & 16 by the way) had a great time.


Standing at the tram stop on their way back home a man walked by, with his young daughter. As he walked by he said “faggots” to my nephew and his group of friends. He saw the look on his daughter’s face, and he said she looked mortified.

My first reaction was to laugh out loud. How could someone be like that in the day and age and during Pride. It just sounded so ludicrous.

Then I got to thinking and all those thoughts from my youth came flooding back. How I was scared of anyone finding out about my sexuality for fear of being victimised and bullied. I could never have come out at school and I had to hide who I really was until I came out in my twenties.

Today people are more free to be themselves and that is a good thing. But there are still those people who feel they the right to shout abuse at others.

Speed of Life: Taking James for a Ride by William Richard Large

James ridicules Will for wearing cycle shorts and how they reveal his enticing bulge. But James isn’t as fit as they both thought and he suffers at the end of their bike ride. Fortunately, Will is on hand to provide some rejuvenating treatment which leaves James stress-free, relaxed and fast asleep. Unfortunately, his mother comes home and discovers his relaxed state and is mortified when his father gives him a talk… on masturbation.