To Pee, Or Not To Pee

The assumption is generally that guys don’t need privacy in the toilets. Ladies always have seperate stalls, but us guys are just expected to whip out our cocks and piss in front of complete strangers.

I, for one, have always had a problem peeing in front of others: family, friends or strangers. It got so bad that I nearly burst my bladder when I was out drinking with my brother and some mates. I was drinking pints of beer, many pints of beer, but when I went to the toilets, I just couldn’t go. The pub was packed, hence the toilets were packed so I had to wait foir a urinal to become free, and when it did, I just couldn’t go. I felt under so much pressure as other guys were waiting so I quickly tucked myself back into my trousers and went back out to a fresh pint of beer. Every time I tried I just couldn’t go, and the cubicles were always occupied (and disgusting).

Eventually I just had to wait for a cubicle to come free – but I did feel a bit weird waiting around while other guys had no trouble emptying their bladders.

Nowadays I always use a cubicle, I have to. But why are we expected to pee in front of each other? Sometimes us guys just need some privacy.

Naked Attraction S06E01 – Ken

Ken is a 30-year-old personal trainer. Some good muscles, too much for me and he likes Ryan’s, his fellow contestant, big swinging cock. Well, who doesn’t? I like Ken’s perky cock, he needs to be careful he doesn’t poke someone’s eye out with it. He got the date because he had a nicer smile; my choice would have been Ryan and his big swinging cock, but Ken does have certain appealing assets.


Naked Attraction S06E01 – Ryan

Ryan is a 38-year-old welder from Scotland with gorgeous eyes and open to a little nipple play. He has an incredible body and gets his eyebrows threaded. When asked to talk dirty, he said, “I’ll make you drip like a knackered fridge”. Hilarious. Ken likes his cock as it is bigger than his and it swings around. If you want your men hunky, well-hung and tattooed from arse to elbow, then Ryan is our man.