Naked Attraction S08E05 Frederico

Frederico is a 32-year-old musician from Manchester. She was impressed by his cock, commenting it had a good bit of girth, but she wasn’t sure about his pubes. She liked his body, his “style”, whatever that means, and his nipple piercings and tattoos. Frederico was second to be let go as he was smaller than her usual type and was smaller than her.

Naked Attraction S08E05 Chris

Chris is a 28-year-old photographer from London. They noticed his hanging balls straight away, with one lower than the other, and they were very mobile. She liked his cock, saying he had a good length, but thought he had too much foreskin. She had to let him go first because of his lopsided balls. Chris said that he liked her hair (not sure if this was a backhanded comment), and he couldn’t care less about his bollocks; they are perfectly normal. My review is great balls, great cock, great foreskin and a sweet face.

Naked Attraction S08E04 Daniel

Daniel is a 26-year-old demolition worker. He seemed very nervous on the date and admitted that he’s had a fivesome, with three ladies and his mate. As the date progressed he came out of his shell more and afterwards they went back to the hotel for some “romance”. But since then he’s been ignoring calls and never came back for the follow up. Not very gallant. A shame, as he was the cutest and seemed to like touching his cock when he saw her naked. I wonder if he regretted volunteering for the experience.

And Kerry’s final message to Daniel…

But let’s not judge Daniel too harshly. I suspect there is more to the story than we have heard.