Caught Looking by David Heulfryn

Now we are back on track, and each story is where it should be. I bring you “Caught Looking”. It revolves around boys checking each other out in the showers as playing sport. I would suggest that 99.9% of us have checked out other boys in the showers and also the current trend of guys shaving or trimming their pubes. What I would find interesting is to know how many straight guys check out the others in the showers. I know it happens. Who doesn’t want to compare and see that they measure up against everyone else?

This chapter describes an instance when one boy gets “Caught Looking”. I remember it happening once when I was at school, and like in the story, after a few days of teasing, everyone forgot about it, and things went back to normal. Fortunately, I was never “Caught Looking”.

What a Balls-Up

I was just about to publish the next part of my “Conversations With My Brother” mini-series when I realised I’d already accidentally published it. The previous part, “Without A Touch”, was published right title wrong text. The text was for the next part, “Caught Looking”.

I have now changed it, so when you click on “Without A Touch, ” you get the right story. So please go back and read and I hope you enjoy it. I will be re-publishing the next part, “Caught Looking”, shortly, but you may have already read it.

Well, at least you got a surprise picture of some testicles courtesy of Wikimedia! And no, they are not mine! I don’t have the balls to show you my balls!

If you read last weeks story, you’ll see that it’s also this weeks story. For a new story you need to check out last weeks story again, which now links to the right story. “Without a Touch” now links to the right place, so check this out for a fresh read.

Kit Connor Forced To Come Out

It is very disappointing that a young man has felt forced to reveal his sexuality rather than choose when, how, or even if he reveals it on his own terms. Why he feels he was forced out isn’t clear, but he has suffered intense speculation and claims of “Queerbaiting” after appearing in the acclaimed series “Heartstopper”, where he plays a bisexual character. Kit has also spoken about social media pressuring people to come out. I’m all for actors coming out and leading the way in promoting acceptance, but no one should feel forced or obligated to come out. I know we all want positive role models and if you are a teen coming to terms with your sexuality, it’s self affirming when you see actors of a similar age coming out and proving that you can be LGBTQI+ and be successful, and more importantly, happy with who you are.

Back in September, Kit quit Twitter, but he came back at the end of October for a singular, saddening tweet.

If you’re not straight, you are expected to “come out”. Why? I know the world has changed since I came out, but we still have a long way to go where not being straight is not seen as being something different.

If anyone wants to declare their sexuality, let them do it how they wish. We shouldn’t expect or demand to know someone’s sexuality just because they are in the public eye. (There are some notable exceptions, such as a male politician who promotes “traditional family values” and then sleeps with men.)

Perhaps we have a responsibility in this. Maybe we should not engage in idle gossip and speculation of actors’ sexualities. It’s got nothing to do with us.

Without a Touch by David Heulfryn

Min delves deeper into Max’s sexual history, what little there is for a fourteen-year-old boy going on fifteen. These late-night conversations with his brother seem to bring Max out of his shell. Both boys know whatever they say to each during these conversations will remain between them.

I’m enjoying writing this short series. I wanted to do something different and not just write about sex and brothers having sex. I wanted to explore the relationship between the brothers and how two boys in the throes of puberty deal with their new feelings and changes in their bodies and minds. I like the personal time the two boys have between going to bed and falling asleep. It’s a time just for them to talk frankly to each other, with neither boy judging the other.

Each chapter is dialogue-heavy, but that is what you’d expect from two people talking before they go to sleep. I’ve purposefully not been very descriptive so the reader can interpret the visuals themselves. The brothers’ bedroom is always very dark when they go to bed, so there is not much to actually see except shadows. I hope it works. But I’d be happy to add a little description in future if you feel it is needed.

Going Too Far by David Heulfryn

Little Min wants to embarrass his brother again, so while they lie in bed, he asks about masturbation. Poor Max is desperate to keep his solo sex life private, but Min is always very persistent.

The following morning, he drags his brother out of bed, and his arse gets exposed in the tussle. Min can’t resist the urge to slap his big brother’s arse cheeks.

This short series came out of nowhere. It started with a germ of an idea and has just grown. I don’t usually write about boys so young, but I just like writing about the dynamic between two brothers. Having an older brother myself, we never had the little chats that Max and Min have. Could my subconscious be telling me that I wish we did? Growing up, we were close, but by the time we got to Max and Min’s age, we’d grown apart and led very different lives.

And just a few words about the picture I chose to illustrate the story; I know I used it as part of the website. But I just find it so sweet.

My Massive Cock

No, I’m not bragging. This post is not about me, but a new Channel 4 programme. The TV channel that brought us “Naked Attraction” and “Naked, Alone and Racing to Get Home” now brings us a programme about the problems of having a massive cock. Despite the salacious title, the programme actually addresses the real issue that some men have with the size of their penis. We have all seen porn with guys with massive cocks and even read some erotic stories about guys with cocks that would make your eyes water. But very few men haven’t wished they had a bigger dick.

For those readers not based in the UK, Channel 4 is a terrestrial television channel that is a public service broadcaster. Ofcom, the television regulator, says:

“Public service broadcasting (PSB) has a long and proud tradition in the UK, delivering impartial and trusted news, UK-originated programmes and distinctive content.”

Whereas the BBC (and I’m talking about the broadcaster, not big black cocks) tends to play it safe with its programming, although it also tackles some hard-hitting issues, Channel 4 is different and tackles different, and sometimes taboo, issues.

I have to say, the title draws you in, with the expectation of seeing some big cocks, but the content was interesting and thought-provoking. The fantasy is different to the reality.

Scott trains a local football team, is fed up with being known as just a big cock, and has even been filmed in the changing room without his consent. Those pics and videos have been shared among his team and mates. While on a date, someone even came up to his date and said that he had a massive cock. I find it shocking that people think this is appropriate behaviour.

Another guy featured is Joe, who says he receives daily abuse over the size of his cock and how people will stare as he walks down the street. He’s only 22 and recounts an instance when he was about 14 years old and in the showers after playing football. This incident made him realise that his cock is larger than others. One lad turned to his friend and said, “Have you seen? That thing is despicable.” refering to the size of Joe’s cock. And then the rumours went all around the school.

Joe says he didn’t get a job because they thought his behaviour in the interview was inappropriate. It turned out that the prominent bulge in his suit trousers made them believe he had a hard-on throughout the interview. He explains how difficult it is to hide his bulge and has to spend £200 a year on underwear specially made for guys with large cocks.

Joe takes a mould of his erect cock and shows it to some friends in a pub. He also says that he gets birthday cards showing his cock. He admits that he was sending nudes on Snapchat and accidentally sent some to a group chat, who all took screen grabs. This just goes to show the dangers of sending nude pics.

But these two guys are just regular fellas. Another guy with a massive cock has gone into porn.

Andy Lee was seen in a locker room by a guy who saw the size of his cock and asked if he’d ever considered doing porn. So he did, and we see him hooking up with a couple; the lady is obsessed with penis size, while her partner films her having sex with guys with big dicks, who apparently isn’t a shrinking violet in the cock department himself.

The programme also dealt with the fetishisation of black men and the urban myth that all black men have massive cocks. Also, the issue of “size queens” who are only interested in the dick and not the person it is attached to. One guy had become so distressed about the size of his cock that he considered a penis reduction. As he speaks to the surgeon, who keeps mentioning amputation, he explains the complications and how complicated and extreme the procedure of penis reduction is.

One guy also mentions that when he had sex, he could feel excessive moisture as he was fucking. When the lights went on, he discovered it was blood, not their sex fluids. After that incident, he didn’t have sex for a year.

The programme won’t stop me from fantasising about large cocks, but it made me realise that having one isn’t always the blessing we think it is.

Titles… Titles… Titles…

Some come easy, some come hard, and some never come.

I have a love/hate relationship with titles. Sometimes I write a great story, but I just cannot come up with a decent title or at least one I like. My newest story, “The Little Sneak”, stayed unpublished for over a week while I tried to come up with a title. It had a working title of “Max & Min”, the names of the two brothers, but I really don’t like titles that are just the names of the characters in the story; I think it is lazy and, more often than not, from experience, the stories tend to be terrible. But I just couldn’t think of a title! “The Little Sneak” was the best of a bad bunch, and I’m reasonably happy with it. But now I have a problem with what to call the follow-up.

The next part is already half-written and sees Min tease his older brother about masturbation. Poor Max, I feel his embarrassment.

I agonised for weeks to come up with a title for my novel, “Becoming Kes”, not the best, but it’s okay, I suppose. The half-written sequel novella is also titleless. And I have a series about some college guys going on a final school trip to France stuck in my titleless hell.

And then there are stories where the title is there from the start, or it just leaps from the screen as I’m writing, “A Black Cappucino…” was a title I had in my head from the start. Sometimes the title writes the story.

For every title hell, there is a title heaven, and the pain of coming up with a title never spoils the pleasure of writing the story.

The Little Sneak by David Heulfryn

Finally, a new story! I hear you cry. But yes, I’ve now got around to editing and posting my latest short story, which will have a sequel, but it’s still in my head and not written yet. I’ve not written any new Cockaigne Chronicles yet, but I hope to return to that special town soon. I have more stories about that exciting place.

This story is about voyeurism and two brothers growing up. I have been intrigued by voyeurism for some time now. There is just something about watching people in private. You get to see who they really are and not just the facade they put on when out in public. It doesn’t necessarily have to be anything sexual either, but in this story, it is.

One particular scene is based on an account of a friend who walked into their son’s bedroom after he had a shower and saw his arse as he was bending down. The family are very open, and nudity has never been something to be ashamed of. I wish I had been more open when I was younger, but body shaming was rife where I grew up, and school was pretty traumatic if you veered away from what they decided was the norm at the time. So I like to strip away my hang-ups in the stories I write.

I hope you enjoy this, and there will definitely be more stories to come.

Send Nudes: Body S.O.S

Today sees a brand new series of “Naked Attraction” start on Channel 4, but yesterday, its sister digital channel E4 started a new series called “Send Nudes: Body S.O.S”.

The premise is that ordinary people who are unhappy with a part of their body undergo a full body scan to create a lifesize digital avatar of themselves. They then manipulate the avatar to show them what they may look like should they undergo specific cosmetic procedures.

It’s something that’s been done before, and better, in Channel 4’s “Embarrassing Bodies”, but this programme goes one step further.
Those viewers of “Naked Attraction” will be familiar with the faces on the show. The first guy appeared on Naked Attraction twice, but he says he wants a bigger cock in this programme!

They show what he might look like if he has a couple of procedures, and they send the pics to ordinary members of the public, which I spy another face from a previous episode of “Naked Attraction”. In this case, the majority prefered his cock, natural. And he didn’t decide to have any surgery.

The part of me that is uncomfortable with this programme is the sending of the pictures to specially selected members of the public to comment on them and the lack of consideration of the psychological impact on the subject. I also found very little depth and emotional consideration to the subjects’ who had psychological issues with certain aspects of their physical appearance.

I know the first episode has to grab the viewer but to start with a guy from “Naked Attraction”, who wants a bigger cock because he does some porn and pornstars have big cocks, was extremely shallow, despite a surgeon explaining the physical consequences of surgery.
There’s a reason the programme is on E4 – it’s shallow and superficial and will get low viewing figures.

A big disappointment.

Parental Rights in Education Bill “Don’t Say Gay”

The headline on the BBC website states, “Florida lawmakers pass ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill“, and it began to think about a similar thing we had over here in the UK, Clause 28. This law prohibited the “promotion of homosexuality” by local authorities from 1988 to 2003 in England and Wales, (Scotland repealed the law in 2000).

I grew up gay but didn’t know I was. Because of ‘Clause 28’, gay was never discussed, and the only portrayal of ‘gays’ I saw was on television; I put gays in quote marks as even though they were gay, I never understood them to be that as a term, they were queer, faggots, homosexual. I may have heard them being called gay, but it never entered my brain, mainly because I wasn’t like them. I didn’t act like them, I didn’t talk like them, so I wasn’t one of them. Any gays I saw growing up were either camp and effeminate or victims.

Clause 28 meant that I never learnt about gays in school. I learnt from television that same-sex attraction was wrong and meant you were a victim, be that violence or AIDS.

I knew I was attracted to boys when I was very young, 5 years old. It took me over 20 years to accept it. I never learnt that people like me existed (so I hid what I was). I never learnt that people like me could fall in love and have a monogamous relationship as every gay guy on the telly was either a mummy’s boy or promiscuous deviant.

My schooling in sex and relationship education was woeful. Well, relationships were barely acknowledged, and sex was purely heterosexual and purely missionary. I never even learnt about masturbation! And I didn’t have the internet.

No one is talking about teaching primary school children about anal sex, blow jobs and threesomes. We are talking about teaching kids that having two dads is okay, two mums is okay, a mum and a dad is okay. It’s okay to like boys, it’s okay to like girls, but you need to respect everybody. All teaching should be age-appropriate.

Children these days have other ways of learning about being gay. There are some excellent websites out there, but they are not top of the google search. Top of the searches are porn sites. And trust me, you learn nothing about being gay from porn; you don’t learn about relationships, and the sex and bodies you see are not the bodies you’ll see when you start dating or having sex. Cocks are not that big, six-packs are not to be expected, and cuddling can be just as good as sex, if not better.

The concept of a family has changed for many people and gay people now have the chance to be a family. This law is retrograde and won’t help those young kids growing up learn that families come in all shapes and sizes.