YOI Cockton

YOI Cockton was the forerunner to my series YOI Cock Town. I call it a pilot for the series and was in part an experiment of mine as I had never written any featuring domination or forced sex. It had never really been a fantasy of mine, but as the story was quite well received I turned it into a series.

The eagle eyes readers will recognise the name Cockton as it is part of of the town of Cockaigne. Old Cockton was an ancient village that was subsumed into the larger town.

YOI Cockton was later renamed Cockaigne Correction Centre and expanded to house men of all ages, there is even a women’s wing. Of the four wings of ‘3C’, one is for young offenders, two for men and one for women.

I think YOI Cockton and the series YOI Cock Town were the seed that germinated into the town of Cockaigne.

Bog Off 42: In the depths of the bed frame

Sorry for the late update, I got a bit obsessed with binge-watching during lockdown. I’ve watched shed loads of telly in the last few weeks, my eyes are now square.

Here’s the next instalment of Bog-Off. I really felt for Joel and his well-used hole in the last chapter. Now find out what happens when they get back to class.

Bog Off Chapter 42: In the depths of the bed frame by Tom