Naked Attraction S08E02 Oliver

Oliver is a 24-year-old wine shop manager from Farnham. She liked his balls and was impessed by the way he could make his cock and balls move. But when he danced she was unimpressed, he had to go second as the others had better moves. He’s also circumsised and she didn’t know how to pleasure a cut cock, but he would be happy to show her. She loved his hair and his nipples, something she would love to squeeze and torture. I probably went a little overboard with the screencaps, but he had a good body, lovely hair and nice cock.

Naked Attraction S08E02 Gavin

Kelly is the first picker in this episode, not sure if she wants a man or woman, so she had a choice of three of each. The first one to go is Gavin, a 34-year-old finance manager from Sheffield.  Rejected because his balls were too small, she says she’s used to bigger balls. Small balls can be a bonus, you could try and get both in your mouth at the same time. He blamed his small balls on having a wank the night before in his hotel room.

Naked Attraction S08E01 Iain Field

Naked Attarction is back, socially distanced of course but not even Covid-19 can stop Channel 4 showing some cock and fanny. Although there will only be cock here.

Iain is a 32-year-old IT Consultant from Manchester by day, and a pro-wrestler by night, known as Jet Fashion. He has such a cute cock, but I don’t think I could cope with his wrestling persona for long.

When I Was … Seventeen by David Heulfryn

Robbie and Jack remain close. Jack’s relationships with girls are beginning to get more physical, and he confides his feelings and fears to Robbie. After a night out, they have another sleepover, this time Jack nocturnal activities involve Robbie.

For those readers more familiar with American English, I use the word ‘fanny’ in this story. In this case, it means a ladies front-bottom and not a persons back-bottom.