Naked Attraction S08E04 Mark

The fourth episode of the fourth series of Naked Attraction certainly makes up for the lack of cock in the previous episode. We start of with Ian, a bisexual 75-year-old choosing between three ladies and three guys. A lady was rejected first, but second was Mark, a 53-year-old warehouse operative from Swindon. Rejection for his hairiness but he wouldn’t change his body for anyone.

Naked Attraction’s Conor Makes Headlines

The headline in the Scottish newspaper, Daily Record, reads Naked Attraction contestant from Edinburgh selling saucy snaps to fund Scots animal sanctuary dream.

I admire all the contestants that appear on the show for having the ‘balls’ to be naked on television. Conor was great on the show, and now he is letting us all see him again to help fund his dream of creating an animal sanctuary. You can also donate to help him through his website. I hope you will all help him, he seems a genuinely nice guy, and his Twitter account is refreshing kind and honest. I’ve included links to his website and OnlyFans site if you want to know more or want to help. Click here to see my original post and pictures of him when he appeared on the programme.

Naked Attraction S08E03 Jerome

Episode three of series eight was very light on cocks, only one! Only one cock, unbelievable. But it was a great cock. It belonged to Jerome, a 21-year-old YouTuber from South London. He also runs a video production company and has worked with some of the biggest YouTube creators in the UK. He says he’s a very confident person, except when it comes to the ladies, he’s afraid of rejection. Judging by semi-soft droop at the end when he finally gets naked, it looks like his final choice certainly excited him.

Naked Attraction S08E02 Carlo

The second half of the programme saw Carlo choose between six women. He’s a 28-year-old steeplejack from Somerset. In 2014 he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and thought it unfair to wed his fiance and partner of 10 years. Now he’s back to full health, he’s determined to grab life by the balls and find a woman who finds him and his harness sexy. He’d love to find a woman he can go rock climbing with. In fact, he says that he’s done it on the side of a cliff – I wish I could rock climb with him! He likes it spicy in the bedroom, using toys and role play. His favourite role is ‘naughty schoolboy’. Please can I be the headmaster!