Naked Attraction S07E01 – Brian

Brian (23 years old) and is from Maidstone and works in the hospitality industry. He is a wine connoisseur and even went to wine school. Not surprisingly, he is also a virgin and has never had a girlfriend. He had some lovely ladies to choose from but in the end, he chose a lady totally unsuitable for him. She even got him a gimp mask. No wonder he’s never had a girlfriend if his judgment is that questionable. I know you’re supposed to choose on looks, but even I know she looked unsuitable for the poor little virgin. He does have a nice thick cock though.

Naked Attraction S06E02 – Pink Jamie

And the winner is… Jamie is 22-years-old from Cheshire and works in customer relations. He got picked to go on the date and to my mind he was always a front runner. Great face, great eyes, great smile, great body and a great dick. And they ended up sleeping together after a week. I would love to see that cock in action and I wonder what his cum face looks like?