Naked Attraction S03E02 – Alex

Alex is a 24 year-old window cleaner from Sheffield. Rejected for the size of his thighs. He says he was brought up with good old fashioned values. I’m not sure about all those religious tattoos, just imagine him shagging you at the sight of that nun bearing down on you. He’s got a nice cock though, cute. Shame he shaves. I like a nice thick bush of pubes.

Naked Attraction S03E01 – Josh

Naked Attraction is back on Channel 4 in the UK. This is a dating programme where a single person is shown five naked people and they have to choose a date based on their body. Series Three started last night.

The first to choose was a young man called Josh, he is a twenty-year-old virgin and he is  seeking a princess to help pop his cherry. How can he still be a virgin with a cock like that. If he opened up and tried guys they would be lining up for him.