Naked Attraction S06E01 – Ken

Ken is a 30-year-old personal trainer. Some good muscles, too much for me and he likes Ryan’s, his fellow contestant, big swinging cock. Well, who doesn’t? I like Ken’s perky cock, he needs to be careful he doesn’t poke someone’s eye out with it. He got the date because he had a nicer smile; my choice would have been Ryan and his big swinging cock, but Ken does have certain appealing assets.


Naked Attraction S06E01 – Ryan

Ryan is a 38-year-old welder from Scotland with gorgeous eyes and open to a little nipple play. He has an incredible body and gets his eyebrows threaded. When asked to talk dirty, he said, “I’ll make you drip like a knackered fridge”. Hilarious. Ken likes his cock as it is bigger than his and it swings around. If you want your men hunky, well-hung and tattooed from arse to elbow, then Ryan is our man.



Naked Attraction S06E01 – Charlie

Charlie is a 21-year-old university student. He’s studying Forensic Science which he says puts the girls off. He shares a house with five mates and during a recent game of Truth or Dare they all found out that he has the biggest cock, at 8.5 inches, hard. (Just imagine 5 straight guys all naked and all hard and comparing cock sizes, that’s my sort of wet dream.) He says he doesn’t like pubic hair around the lips because he has to eat from that. Poor guy, pubic hair is natural and should be celebrated. Charlie also isn’t opposed to a bit of BDSM in the bedroom. It’s a shame they didn’t give us a decent shot of his arse.


Tom James

Remember Tom James from the third episode of series four of Naked Attraction? Well, I do. He was the hunk that was sweet and had a cute vulnerability about him. Well, it seems he is not unaccustomed to getting naked before the camera. Looking at his PurplePort profile, he describes himself as “a full-time International, professional model based in Birmingham”. I especially like the last two pictures which really show off his gorgeous low hanging balls.

Naked Attraction S04E03 – Tom

Tom is a 22-year-old retail worker. When asked what part of his body he had learned to live with, he said his acne scars. He said he had quite a bit of time off school because of his acne and shows us the ones on his chest. It looks like he shaves his chest too. He looks quite the hunk and loved it when he did the squats. Such a great arse, and a great dick. He actually seemed quite sweet when on the date.