Chris Pine Goes Full Frontal in ‘Outlaw King’

Chris Pine’s new film, Outlaw King, starts the Toronto International Film Festival. Pine plays Robert the Bruce, the exiled King of Scotland who tries to reclaim the throne. But critics are saying the real scene stealer is Chris Pine’s penis.

His appendage seems to have perked up quite a few ears, much to the surprise of Pine himself. He has commented, “We all have certain body parts, so it’s a trip when showing what we all have becomes a Google Alert.”

The film director, David Mackenzie, rather succinctly explains, “The guy’s having a bath, and people don’t tend to do that with their clothes on.”

No pictures have emerged yet, at least I can’t find any, but all celeb cock hunters, like me, wait until we can see what hangs between his legs.

Naked Attraction S03E02 – Alex

Alex is a 24 year-old window cleaner from Sheffield. Rejected for the size of his thighs. He says he was brought up with good old fashioned values. I’m not sure about all those religious tattoos, just imagine him shagging you at the sight of that nun bearing down on you. He’s got a nice cock though, cute. Shame he shaves. I like a nice thick bush of pubes.