Without a Touch
by David Heulfryn


It was a question that made my brother choke on his tongue.

“Max, have you touched another boy’s cock?” I asked him.

“No!” Max choked out the words. “Why do you ask? Have you?”

It was the third night I’d asked Max a question he didn’t want to answer. But this was the first time I genuinely asked, not just trying to make my older brother squirm.

“It’s just after swimming practice, a boy got hard in the showers, and it showed through his trunks. I felt a tingle in my balls, but a group of lads ganged up on him and pulled down his trunks. They all laughed, and one boy gave his cock a little tug.”

“That’s awful,” Max said. “They shouldn’t have bullied him like that.”

“They didn’t. He enjoyed it and even asked the others to give his cock a tug and even said he wanted them to make him cum. But only the one boy touched him.” I sighed. “I didn’t get involved. But I wanted to touch him. Just to see how it feels.”

“But you’ve touched yourself, so you know what a hard cock feels like,” Max said.

“Yes, but he was older, about your age. I saw his hairs and his cock looked much bigger and thicker than mine. I wanted to know if it felt different.”

“Trust me, it doesn’t,” Max said in a throwaway manner.

I raised myself onto my elbows and looked across at my brother on the bed opposite. I couldn’t see him; it was too dark, but I heard him fidget in his bed.

“So, you have touched another boy’s willie.” I said, “How did it feel?”

“Min, I never said….” Max stuttered. “I only meant… Oh, shit, Min.”

“But you’ve got a girlfriend.” I reminded him.

“Shit, Min. You can’t tell anyone. Not mum and dad, not any of your friends, no one. Do you understand?” Max sounded nervous.

“I understand, Max. I never mention anything we talk about when we’re in bed. It’s our time, and it’s just between us.”

“Good,” Max sighed.

I got out of bed and went over to Max. I sat on the edge of his bed. I felt the cold air on my chest; since playing with my brother in the morning, I decided I wanted to go topless to bed, the same as him. It made me feel older.

“Who was it?” I looked at the dark figure lying on his back and staring at the ceiling. “When did you touch him.”

“Oh, fuck, Min. You won’t let this go, will you? Like every night this week. Even if I saw nothing, you will go on and on until I break.”

“It’s just between us, Max.” I rummaged under his duvet and found his hand. I held it, trying to reassure him. “I won’t tell anyone, and I won’t judge you. Besides, I’ve already said I wanted to. So I don’t know what you must think of me.”

Max squeezed my hand, “it’s natural to be inquisitive. So I’ve been told. You’re growing up and starting to wonder about sex.”

“So, how did it feel?” I asked again.

“It was warm and felt clammy.”

“Was it hard?”

I heard Max gulp before telling me what had happened.

Max was at rugby practice. Cones were laid on the field, and balls were hundreds of meters away from the posts as they practised their drop kicks and conversion. At the end of practice, he and his friend were told to clear up the equipment. They took so long clearing up that they crossed the last guy out of the changing room as they went in.

“My mate just came out with it and said he felt so horny.” Max continued. “He then asked if I minded if he had a hard-on when we showered. I didn’t know what to say, so he pushed his dirty shorts down and showed me his hard cock. I don’t know what came over me, but I just went over to him and held it. That’s why it felt clammy, we’d been sweating, and his cock was all sweaty. I could smell his sweat. Up to that moment, I was soft, but his scent made my cock ache. I stroked him a couple of times and then let go. We stripped and went into the showers. He stood under the shower looking at me. He stroked his cock and pleaded with me to join him. So we both stood in the showers wanking our cocks. Watching him made me cum quickly, and then he followed. We’ve never talked about it since, and we both pretend it never happened.” Max turned his head away. I sensed he was ashamed about what happened.

“Did he touch you?” I asked.

“No.” Max sighed. “I wanted him to, just to know what it felt like, but he didn’t.”

“So no one else has touched you?” I wanted to know more.

“No, my girlfriend has.”

“What, Jane? She looks so innocent. I’ve not even seen you guys kiss.”

“She’s private,” Max said. “She doesn’t like to do things in public. So we do it when we’re alone. Usually on my bed.”

“What did she do?” I asked.

“Well, we were making out, you know, kissing and hugging, and as usual, I got hard. She’d sometimes rubbed my crotch before, but I was wearing my grey joggers this time, and she slipped her hand inside. I was freeballing, and she gasped when she felt my bare cock instead of my bulge in my skivvies. She grabbed it, and I gasped. We stopped kissing and just looked directly into each other’s eyes as she stroked me. I came so fast. I tried to finger her back, but she wasn’t interested. She’s only done it once. I wish she would do it again.” Max sighed, pulled his hand away from mine, and rubbed his crotch.

“Do you want me to do it to you?” I whispered.

Max groaned, and I felt him shudder in his bed.

“Shit!” Max moaned through gritted teeth.

“What’s wrong?” I wondered. “Have you just cum? I didn’t see you masturbate.”

“Oh, fuck, Min. You don’t just cum from wanking.”

“I know, you can also cum when you have sex, But you weren’t having sex, so you must have been masturbating. But I didn’t notice you stroking your cock.”

“Sometimes, Min, when you feel so horny, your cock can just cum from the slightest touch. And you can also cum in your sleep. That’s called a wet dream.”

“Oh,” I said.

“Now get off my bed. I need to clean myself up.” Max wriggled and slipped out of bed after I stood up. He held his hands in front of his crotch to hide the wide patch he’d made, but I did see some. It looked big, and I wondered how much he’d actually cum.

Max crept to the door and quietly opened it, the noise of the television downstairs. He sneaked out, and I went back to his bed. I felt the mattress and duvet that covered his crotch. It felt warm from his body heat, but I didn’t feel anything damp. I don’t know what I expected. I suppose I wanted to feel his cum.

I jumped when the bedroom door opened, and Max came in. The wet patch on his crotch was now massive.

“You’ve made it worse,” I said as he wafted air around the front of his pyjama bottoms to try and get them to dry quicker.

“I had to wash the cum out, or it would dry and go hard. Mum would kill me if she found out I’d soiled my pyjamas.” Max seemed nervous.

“Hey, why don’t you take them off and put them on the radiator? They’d dry in no time.”

“No way am I getting naked with you in the room.” Max sounded definite.

I thought a moment. I didn’t want Max to get into trouble, so I devised a plan. “Look, Max, get into bed, slip off your pyjamas, throw them to me, and I’ll put them on the radiator. The alarm is set, so I’ll get up and toss them back to you when it goes off. That way, Mum won’t think you’ve been wanking.”

Max considered my suggestion.

“If I do, then I don’t want you pissing about, trying to drag me out of bed again or trying to see my cock.”

“I promise,” I stated.

“I’m fucking serious, Min. No messing around and no trying to see me naked. I don’t want to show you my cock. It’s too weird.”

“I promise,” I stated again. “Really, Max. I promise no messing about.”

“Okay. I’ll do it. But if you break your promise, I will fucking kill you or at least rip off your tiny bollocks.”

“Look, Max. I’ve said I promise like a thousand times. Just do it. I don’t want you getting into trouble.” We stood facing each other. I looked down at the wet patch and started to giggle.

“Right, Min. Let’s just get on with it and get to sleep.” Max got into his bed and pulled the duvet up to his chin. He wiggled and struggled, and the duvet fell down his chest and past his belly button. I noticed his nipples were hard and urged his duvet to go lower, but it didn’t. He managed to take off his pyjama trousers, and he threw them at me.

I caught them and unravelled them. I looked at the damp patch knowing it was water but wondering what it would be like if it was cum.

“Stop staring at them, you perv,” Max said.

I went over to the radiator; it was still warm but slowly cooling down. I made sure the wet patch was on the warmest part. I felt it and the damp patch gradually became warm.

“Stop staring at them and get into bed, Min.”

I did what he said and lay on my back, thinking about my brother in his bed across from me, naked.

“How does it feel to be naked in bed?” I asked Max.

He considered my question. “Okay, I guess. It doesn’t feel weird, and it feels nice not to have my bits covered up.”

I got excited. “I’m gonna try.” And I pulled off my pyjama trousers and dropped them on the floor beside my bed.

I squirmed in my bed, getting used to the new feelings.

“You weirdo,” Max said.

“I like it.” I giggled. “It feels good. I like how the duvet rubs against my willie. It’s making it stiff.”

Max pretended to wretch. “I don’t want to know that my little brother is six feet away from me with a boner that he doesn’t know what to do with.”

“I know what to do with it.” I giggled and pretended to wank and thrust my hips up and down, making my bed squeak. I made some corny moans and groans as if I was enjoying it.

“Quit messing about. Let’s get to sleep. And don’t forget to throw my pyjamas to me first thing in the morning.”

“I won’t,” I replied and heard Max fidget in bed, turning on his side, getting ready to sleep.

I also turned and looked over at the dark space between us. Then I said something I always used to say every night when we went to bed. I stopped as Max got older and didn’t want to be around me so much anymore. I hoped he would give the reply he always used to give.

“I love you, Max.”

“I love you, Min.”


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