Brothers in Bed by David Heulfryn

Max is buzzing after a day of playing and watching rugby. He tells Finn he wants to move to Cockaigne, but the final decision lies with James. If he doesn’t want Max to move, then he won’t. In the meantime, the brothers spend the night talking and then thinking of what excites them the most. Cockaigne is having a positive impact on the family.

Cockaigne Centaurs

When looking for a picture for “The Rugby Match”, I tried to find an illustration of a centaur with two cocks. No matter how hard I looked, I couldn’t find one. Then this popped up on my Twitter feed today, and I wanted to share it with you. It comes from the Twitter account “Centaur Jack”, and clicking the picture will take you to his feed. It would be ideal if the centaur was raised onto his hind legs.

I do like the picture I chose for the story. The scrum-half looks so cute. I was never slight or swift enough to be a scrum-half. I was the bulk and strength in the middle of the scrum, pushing forward with all my strength. I have to admit, I was kinda good. I miss those days when I was fit enough to play.

A Bell-End Welcome by David Heulfryn

Finn is excited to meet his first naked resident as they check in to the Bed & Breakfast. The family then take a trip to see the sights of Cockaigne, and the brothers are amazed at what awaits them if they decide to move. Later that night, Max feels torn between a new life on Cockaigne and moving away from his boyfriend, James.

It’s no April Fool, just another installment in the lives of Max & Min.

A Visit To Security by David Heulfryn

The start of their stay in Cockaigne means visiting security to obtain their visitor’s permits. Unfortunately, it means Max will have to get naked. Despite becoming familiar with nudity at home and in front of Finn, Max is nervous when he has to be naked in front of a stranger. As you can probably guess, Finn has no problem.

Just Visiting by David Heulfryn

The day has arrived that the family visit Cockaigne. Finn is beyond excited, but is annoyed that he has to put some clothes on before he gets there. As they drive, Owen tells his boys the name of the place they are staying, the Bell-End Bed and Breakfast.

The moment they pass the sign to say they are entering Cockaigne, Finn immediately strips. But just because you can be naked, it doesn’t mean that most people are always naked.

Decisions by David Heulfryn

The family have a decision to make. Should they move to Cockaigne to be nearer their Father’s new job? Or should they stay? No one has made their mind up yet, and they decide that unless they all agree to move, they won’t be moving.

Max needs time to think about moving. He’s unsure it is right for him and worries about how it will affect his relationship with James.

The brother’s parents, Owen and Lily, are becoming freer and no longer ashamed of nudity and sex. They don’t even wait for their sons to be asleep before having sex, and they aren’t quiet about it.

The First Cockaigne Chronicles Novel Coming Soon

‘Becoming Kes’ is a story of lust on a clinical trial while testing a new cream that enhances sexual performance. The story is set in the exceptional fictitious English town of Cockaigne. A town where nudity and sexual freedom are part of everyday life.

Jay is struggling to make something of his life when he finds a tantalising advert from Cockaigne Pharma trying to find volunteers for a clinical trial. All the volunteers are healthy young men who must remain anonymous and naked throughout. They are given codes, and Jay decides to go by the name Kes.

Kes finds himself partnered with Zack, a troublemaker who is punished on his first day. On the trial, Kes and Zack test the new cream and discover how much better sex can be.

Outside the clinical trial, Kes meets Philip. They become close, and Kes begins to question his sexuality and explore what Cockaigne has to offer. Hopefully, with Philip.

Anyone Want a Sneak Peak?

I’ve been working on my Cockaigne Chronicles novel recently and am almost ready to release it on the unsuspecting public. It will be available on Kindle, but I would really like some volunteers to take a read first and highlight any glaring (or not so glaring errors). I’m reading a book at the moment where the author has confused names, and it’s irritating, especially if you have paid for it. I’ve proofread it myself, spell checked, and grammar checked, but small errors might have crept through.

I’m looking for some people to proofread it for me, so if you would like an advanced copy, please email me (stories at screeve dot org) stating if you want it a mobi, epub for pdf version, and I’ll send you a copy.

Feel free to highlight any errors or passages that aren’t clear but also let me have your general comments.

This is my first novel that I’ve finished. I really enjoyed writing it and delving deeper into a story. Writing a novel is so different than writing a short story or even a multipart series.