Surprising Max by David Heulfryn

After suffering the side effects of their inoculation, the brothers wake up stiff and sore. Lily insists on washing their cum-stained bedclothes while the brothers sort out their stuff. As Max looks out of the window of the spare room, he sees his Dad pull up the driveway. In the passenger seat is a surprise that makes Max as giddy as a toddler.

James In Cockaigne by David Heulfryn

Finn’s scheming means Owen takes James and the brothers on a weekend trip to Cockaigne. In preparation for the move, James is taken to get his visitor’s permit. Max and Finn help him through the process and, afterwards, spend the day exploring the town. That night, Max and James are alone in the room at the B&B.

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I love writing about Cockaigne. It is a world I created and a world where most things are possible. I hope you enjoy reading the continuing adventures of Kes in Cockaigne, and if you haven’t read the start of his adventures, the first book is also free.

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Discovering Kes – Coming Soon

The novel continues the story of Kes as he makes a life for himself in Cockaigne. His guide is Philip who he met while part of the study at Cockaigne Pharma. Their relationship blossoms, Kes gets a job, finds a place to live and makes new friends. But not everyone is happy. His move to Cockaigne causes a rift in the family.

It’s taken longer than expected, but that was because I was side tracked by the beautiful relationship of Max and Min. The novel was already written but needed editing before I was comfortable publishing. And now it is ready. Depending on Amazon’s software, it should be ready by the weekend. I hope you enjoy it and I can now carry on the story of Max and Min in Cockaigne and then, the final novel in the Kes trilogy.

The Last Day by David Heulfryn

The family leave Cockaigne. Finn and Max decide to stay naked and snuggle up and fall asleep on the back seat of the car as they travel home. Owen and Lily talk about their boys as they sleep.

Max is allowed to see James when they return, while Finn stays naked. Owen surprises Finn by getting naked and having some private time with Finn.

A Cockaigne Breakfast by David Heulfryn

Owen has a surprise for Finn. Yesterday was about Max, so he wanted to do something nice for his youngest son. Before leaving Cockaigne, they would be spending time at a naturist resort. Finn gets over-excited and can’t wait to go.

The boys leave their parents in the breakfast room as they start packing. Owen and Lily talk about their sons and how they are growing up. But no matter how old they are, parents always worry about their kids.