Testing the Boys by David Heulfryn

Max is on hand to help as Eddie gets agitated that his routine is being disrupted. The boys are taken to side and are let to see the nurse first. Eddie doesn’t initially understand what is expected of him, but then enjoys leaving his semen sample as Max watches.

Back at home and much to his father’s amusement, Max’s mother leaves some things on his bed to prove she is happy for her son to have a sexual relationship with James. But Max is mortified.

The Finn Effect by David Heulfryn

Finn is bored. He has nothing to do and is not allowed to masturbate to pass the time. He’s glad when he gets visitors after school and is pleased to see his brother and friends again.

Meanwhile, the doctors are still baffled and want to do further tests. Not happy with the biopsy of Finn’s testicles, they now want to biopsy his prostate.

Observing Finn by David Heulfryn

Finn is taken to Cockaigne Pharma to undergo further tests. He is annoyed that no one is treating him respectfully and begins acting petulantly to make a point.

In the operating theatre, Finn gives Dr Chapman a semen sample before he takes a biopsy of Finn’s testicles.

(I apologise if the description of the medical operation causes some of you some discomfort.)

Diurnal Emissions by David Heulfryn

It’s Monday morning, and something unexpected happens to Finn. During his Maths class, he experiences an involuntary ejaculation while awake. He’s taken to the school nurse, and Lily comes to collect and take him to see Dr Wallace. But there is a second Doctor with him at the surgery, the Clinical Director of Cockaigne Pharma.

The Cockaigne Express by David Heulfryn

Finn is more concerned about what is happening to his body than he lets on. He finally opens up to his brother. Finn no longer enjoys masturbating and isn’t sure why. But while in bed with Max, he tells Max about Adam and manages to enjoy his first wank in weeks.

The following morning, Max is surprised as someone arrives in town on the Cockaigne Express.

Nocturnal Emissions by David Heulfryn

Lily reminds Max to catch a sample of Finn’s semen if he cums again at night. Max keeps a jam jar by the bed, and when he is woken up by Finn’s writhing and moaning, he gets a relatively large sample.

It is Max’s last day wearing the cock cage. When he arrives at the Headmaster’s office to have it removed, Mr Price tells Max some background about Neil.

Five More Lashes by David Heulfryn

Finn watches his brother getting caned and struggles to hold back his tears. Despite trying to find his brother, Finn cannot find him anywhere. At swim club, Finn remains sullen and Coach Anderson has to remind him how his class look up to him and no matter how terrible he feels, he has to put on a brave face.

Later that night, while in bed, Max and Finn discover they have a shared friend.