The Best of Brothers by David Heulfryn

Min is a cheeky monkey, and Max is unsure of himself. Hopefully, through this series, both brothers have grown, particularly Max, who has blossomed with the encouragement of his younger brother.

I had initially intended this to be the final part of the series, but something changed, and I needed to carry it on. The brothers have helped me more than you can ever know. Writing about the brothers’ private and intimate conversations is special to me. This was never intended to be a series about sex but about growing and becoming.

Brothers will love each other to the end. Brotherly love is one of the strongest loves of them all. “I love you, Min. And I love you, Max.”

COCKAIGNE UPDATE: For those wondering what is happening in the wonderful world of Cockaigne, the follow-up novel, Discovering Kes, is finished, and I am now editing it. I hope to release it soon.

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