28th December 2007: Written about two guys, David and Paul, who have to share a hotel room with their two sons. For some reason I find the idea of two lads doing rude things with their dads while they were asleep very intriguing. I suppose it’s just my ongoing father-son fetish rearing its ugly head again.

While We Were Sleeping

Last summer, I booked a couple of beds in a Holiday Inn near Leeds to take my son Harry to see the Royal Armouries. It turned out that his best mate, Josh, also wanted to go, so I booked an extra bed for him in the hotel. Then Josh’s dad, David, phoned me to ask if he too could come along. So it turned out that we went up to Leeds as a group of four.

The room in the hotel wasn’t exactly to our liking, though. Instead of four single beds, which I thought I’d specified, it turned out that their largest rooms all contained a double bed and two singles. To save Harry’s and Josh’s embarrassment at the suggestion that two teenaged lads might sleep together, the two of us adults quickly agreed that we didn’t mind sharing.

On the first night, the four of us went to see some crap at the cinema, and then David and I went out for a few pints while the lads played on Josh’s new Playstation or X-Box or whatever in the hotel room.

When David and I got in, the four of us stripped to our teashirts and underwear and turned in for the night. The room was pretty hot ^Ö you know how these places seem to be geared up for near-Arctic conditions ^Ö so we opted to sleep with single sheets over us rather than the heavy duvets supplied.

And that would have been the end of a pretty uneventful evening, if I hadn’t have been awoken in the small hours by someone fiddling with my cock.

As I came to my senses, unable to open my eyes because one of the bedside lights had been switched on, I heard the two lads giggling and whispering together. Harry, my son, seemed to be closer to me and I realised that it was his hand which was squeezing and playing with my cock through the material of my briefs.

Josh whispered over from the other side of the double bed, “How big is it now?”

“I dunno,” Harry replied. “About five inches, maybe…”

“My dad’s on, like, six or something…” He giggled, “His helmet’s turning dark red.”

“Have you actually pulled his dick out?”

I realised David and I must both be lying on our sides facing away from one another on the bed.

Josh replied, incredulously, “Er, hello…? How am I supposed to get it hard without taking it out?”

Harry chuckled, “Are you, like, wanking him?”

Josh laughed back. “Er, kind of… are you not?”


“No wonder it isn’t working, then. You’ve got to wank him or he won’t get hard.”

Harry was hesitant. “It seems kinda weird wanking my own dad off…”

“It’d be weirder if I was wanking your dad… come on, Harry, he’s asleep…”

The thought of Josh playing with my cock was unexpectedly exciting and I felt my cock harden a little.

Harry didn’t notice because he was clumsily pulling it out from my briefs. I kept my eyes tightly closed, intrigued at what was happening, while he wrapped his fingers around my semi-erect cock. Inexpertly, he tugged my foreskin up and down my shaft, far too quickly for my tastes.

Harry whispered over to Josh, clearly mildly impressed by what was happening to my member. “He’s about six inches or so now. Maybe close to seven…”

I knew that seven inches was about as good as I could get. After I’d grown to that length, my cock would show the rest of its excitement by fattening up and growing harder.

Josh was not so easily pleased. “My dad’s easily on eight. I told you, mate, my dad’s got a massive dick…”

Harry tittered. “Oh, and he shows it off to you, does he?”

“Come on, mate,” Josh snapped. “It’s not like it’s weird seeing your own dad’s cock. You must have seen your dad’s cock loads of times?”

“Not really, and definitely not hard.”

I realised I was probably a lot more private around my son than a lot of fathers are.

“Well, I saw it when we were camping last year,” Josh explained. “He woke with a hard-on and I saw it when we were getting dressed even though he was trying to hide it from me.”

Harry chuckled.

“And I’ve seen it at home a couple of times,” Josh went on. “When he hasn’t known I’ve been at home or hasn’t seen my bedroom door was open…”

I felt the bed beginning to shake with a regular rhythm and realised it was caused by the beating of Josh’s hand on his dad’s cock.

Again the eroticism of it caught me by surprise and my cock swelled and stiffened a little. David’s evidently generously-proportioned cock enjoying being masturbated by his son’s hand: the idea would ordinarily have seemed repulsive to me, but now, in the heat of this room…

Harry’s face must have been close to my own cock because I could feel his warm breath on my cock head as he roughly yanked my foreskin back and forth across it.

He whispered over to Josh, “It’s getting pretty thick now. And it’s starting to press up towards his belly…”

“Let me have a look at it.”

The bed stopped shaking as Josh stood up and walked around it. Harry pulled my briefs down a little further and tucked the waistband underneath my balls.

The idea of Josh coming across to check out my cock and compare it with his dad’s made mine swell even thicker and I felt the head of it becoming engorged.

Josh seemed to like what he saw. He whispered, “It’s a lot thicker than my dad’s, but nowhere near as long.”

Harry said, “Yeah?”

“And your dad’s dick’s got, like, a mushroom head, kind of. My dad’s got a helmet!”

Harry chuckled. “Bizarre…”

“Come and take a look at it,” Josh said. “See the difference…”

Harry stood up and walked around the bed to look at David’s cock. He almost yelped when he saw it: “Jesus! It’s huge. Is that, like, normal?”

“I don’t think so. I think six inches is supposed to be normal. Someone told me that anyway…”

Josh suddenly asked my son: “Hey! Have you got a hard-on?”

Harry chuckled. His boxer shorts must have been tenting outwards. “Yeah. Dunno why, though…”

Josh said, with a giggle, “You know what’d be cool? If you put your cock next to your dad’s. And I’ll take a picture on your phone…!”

Harry seemed a little reluctant: “I dunno…”

I too wasn’t too sure that I wanted things to go further and was wondering whether to stage a sudden wake up.

Josh said, “If you’ll do it, I will too…”

“On my phone?”

“Yeah. I told you before: mine’s out of charge.”

Harry seemed a little reassured by that: the prospect of Josh, who had an unpredictable sense of humour, trading photos with other friends after our return home had obviously occurred to him.

I was also reassured: I knew Harry’s phone well as I’d often had to use it when my own was on the blink. I could easily delete any recriminating evidence in the morning on the pretence of having to make a call to work.

Harry came around to my side of the bed while Josh fumbled through the luggage at the foot of the bed to find Harry’s phone.

Josh muttered, “This is gonna be so cool…”

I opened my eyes a sliver and saw my son’s checked boxer shorts with his hard cock making a rather comical bulge inside them.

He pulled them down a little and his cock sprung upwards from the waistband. It was similar in shape to my own, though a little smaller. His pubic hair, however, was much paler, blond hair coming from my wife’s side of the family, and his balls seemed larger and hung lower in his scrotum.

Josh came over towards us, his own shorts revealing clear signs of his excitement, and I closed my eyes more tightly fearing discovery.

Josh whispered, “Put your cock next to his.”

Harry crouched down next to the bed and directed his cock so that it was alongside my own.

Josh said, “Pull your foreskin back, man…”

Harry did so ^Ö I heard his foreskin click like mine does sometimes ^Ö and then reached down to my own cock and did the same. My cock rapidly swelled again in appreciation of being touched.

The phone camera made its mock shutter sound as Josh took a photo of our two cocks enjoying an erection together.

Harry stood back up and pulled his shorts up.

“I wish my dick was as thick as your dad’s,” Josh mused. “Makes a nice bulge in your trousers, you know?”

Harry chuckled. “Mine’s getting there… give it a few years, mate.”

I felt incredibly excited at hearing Josh compliment my cock, I can’t explain why. I desperately wanted be alone to masturbate; to relive and fantasise about these new and surprisingly arousing experiences.

Harry and Josh walked around the bed and Josh revealed his own erection.

Harry seemed amused by it: “Wow, mate! That must be like two inches longer than mine!”

“Yeah but it’s too skinny. Like I said, it doesn’t make much of a lump.”

“Is that important?”

“Course it is!” Josh laughed. “You don’t want to look like you’ve got nothing down there!”

“Put it next to your dad’s. Your dad’s is even longer than yours.”

Josh chuckled. “Well, you know… like you said, mine needs a bit more time to grow…”

Harry asked, “How long is yours?”

Josh replied, “Well, I haven’t actually measured it.”

I couldn’t help but smile, thinking, “Yeah, yeah, yeah…”

He went on, “But I think it’s about seven inches or something.”

Harry was amazed: “Jesus ^Ö your dad’s dick must be like eight or nine inches then!”

“I guess.”

“Hey, is your dick always so wet?”

“Yeah, most guys’ dicks leak a bit when they’re hard.”

Harry seemed concerned, “Mine doesn’t.”

“Well I guess some guys’ don’t. Mine usually makes a wet patch on my shorts or on the duvet. And look!” He laughed in surprise, “My dad’s made a puddle on the sheet.”

Harry chuckled.

The photo was taken and then Josh stood up and said, “Hey, get a photo of this…”

He came back around to my side of the bed and knelt down next to my erection. He picked it up with one hand, squeezing it slightly, and moved it towards his mouth. I felt his breath against the head of my cock, hot like it was inside his mouth though not touching the sides, and my whole length swelled eagerly.

Harry laughed. “Nice one, mate. Giving my dad a blow job…”

The camera clicked as another shot was taken.

As Josh withdraw my cock from his mouth, his tongue accidentally grazed across the sensitive underside of my cock head and I felt a wave of pleasure pass through me.

Josh chuckled, “Hmmm… tastes kinda salty…”

Harry laughed almost too loudly. “Jesus, you didn’t actually lick it, did you?”

Josh seemed to realise he might be pushing things too far and said, “Of course I didn’t, you dumbass!”

The lads went around to David’s side of the bed and Josh took a photo of my son with David’s larger cock inside his mouth.

“Get as much of it inside you as you can,” Josh said.

Harry wasn’t too keen. He withdrew it and said, “It’s oozing stuff… I don’t want it dribbling onto my tongue, mate.”

David’s cock was pushed back into Harry’s mouth ^Ö Josh seemed to be helping to guide it ^Ö and a photo was taken.

Harry then stood up and said, “Take a shot of this, mate…”

Josh laughed with surprise at whatever my son was doing and said, “Jesus!”

The camera clicked again as both lads laughed uncontrollably.

After they’d recovered, Harry said, “Come on, you’ve got to do it now…”

Josh agreed, giggling, and came back around to my side of the bed. I squinted at him and saw that he was standing with his back to me, the cheeks of his arse looking round and firm inside his stripy boxer shorts. To my surprise he pulled them down, revealing his white hairless buttocks.

He reached around and lifted my cock upwards. It strained with excitement in his hand. Then, he pushed his backside back against my cock, pressing it as far as he could into his crack.

Harry whispered over, “Deeper, mate. I can still see the head. It’s got look like it’s inside.”

Josh pressed his arse further onto my cock and I felt his anal ring open a little from the pressure of my ripened head against it. I couldn’t stop myself pushing my cock forwards, trying to enter him.

He laughed, “Hey! Your dad’s trying to fuck me!”

Harry laughed too.

I was unable to stop myself making small thrusts against his arsehole and Josh seemed to enjoy acting up to my movements, simulating sex with my supposedly unconscious body for Harry’s amusement.

A photo was taken ^Ö several, in fact ^Ö but Josh continued pushing his arse against me, his anal ring dilated enough to massage my fattened cock head as he did so.

He yanked down his boxer shorts at the front and called over to Harry, “Get my dick in shot!”

Josh kept pressing his arsehole rhythmically against my cock, allowing the head of it to enter him a little, and then pulling away.

I squinted over at Josh and saw that his shorts were around the tops of his thighs and his cock, long and thin, arched upwards in front of him. Precum hung from the swollen purple head of it, forming thick strings which dangled towards the floor as he gyrated his hips against me.

Harry laughed and said, “Jesus, mate. There’s loads of stuff on the end of your dick…”

Josh laughed back, “Get a photo of it! It’ll look even funnier.”

Without warning, my own pleasure overwhelmed me and I felt surges of cum squirting from my cock head into and around Josh’s arsehole.

A few more photos were taken as my climax subsided and then Josh withdrew himself from me.

He called over to Harry, “Your dad’s cock gets pretty wet, doesn’t it. My arse is soaked…”

Harry seemed disinterested.

Josh muttered, “I’m gonna need some tissue…”

I felt instantly guilty about allowing things to go so far and for, in effect, having sex with my son’s friend. Josh was oblivious to the fact that I’d just blown an orgasm into his arse crack, but that didn’t make me feel any better for it.

I felt Harry come over and tuck my cock back into my briefs, muttering to Josh, “I see what you mean about the wetness… Jesus, he’s soaked…”

I wanted to wipe myself down ^Ö and to have a piss, if I’m being frank ^Ö but obviously I was unable to move.

As the lads cleared up and the light was switched off, I drifted off to sleep.

I must have awoken a little later to the sounds of Josh and Harry quietly masturbating in their beds. They didn’t say anything to one another ^Ö obviously tired out from their earlier exertions ^Ö and developed a mutual rhythm which slowly but steadily increased.

As I fell back into oblivion, I became aware of my own bed shaking slightly. I realised that David was also masturbating. Though his technique was far more discrete than that of our sons, it was enough to make the bed pulse to the rhythm of his hand.

I wondered then if he had, like me, been conscious of what the lads had been doing and had also secretly enjoyed the attention we had received from them. I worried that he might have realised what the liquid around his son’s arse had been and why it had required several tissues to wipe it away as it had congealed.

I was too tired to worry for long as sleep quickly overtook me. I was aware that David climaxed first ^Ö very quietly and with only the slightest of grunts while our sons beat their own cocks more blatantly and at quickening speed as though they were having a race.

Next morning the room hummed with the cloying odour of four guys’ half-dried patches of cum. My own briefs were still wet with a patch of it and I noticed a damp patch on the bed sheet on David’s side of the bed.

We didn’t say much to one another until we were at breakfast.

I posed the question whether they thought we should look for another hotel so that we could all have our own beds and, perhaps, our own rooms. After all, we had to spend a couple more nights together in Leeds.

The three of them shook their heads unanimously.

David asked me, “What’s up, Paul? Didn’t you sleep well last night? I know I had a very good night…”

I said, “Well I can’t say it was too unpleasant…”

Harry and Josh grinned at one another.

“Do you mind staying as we are?” I asked them. “All four of us in the one room?”

They nodded their agreement.

Josh said with a smirk, “We’re all guys together. I mean, like, no-one’s seeing anything they haven’t seen before, huh?”

Harry almost choked on his coffee, trying to suppress his laughter.

And so it was decided: we’d stay put for the rest of our trip.


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